How to Share Files on the Volafile

The Volafile is a simple file sharing service. The users share files into virtual folders that are called rooms. In those rooms, you can even chat and can see a list of uploaded files. 

Moreover, the list of the files automatically shows new files as you upload them. Thus, Volafile is a great way to share your files with so many people in the best manner.


How To Share Files on The Volafile?

Here is how you can do it:

  1. First, visit Volafile website
  2. Then click on the large pink-colored Create Room Button
  3. In the Room, click on the upload button
  4. Lastly, select a file to be uploaded to your room 

Uses of The Volafile


You can share files without installing Volafile with friends. It definitely comes in handy. Plus, it is very safe and easy to use. Just a brief video can explain how to use it. Also, it protects privacy very seriously. That is why we don’t permanently log any information while you use the site normally.


If you are still thinking that file sharing is a hectic way, you must use the Volafile to share your file with your friends, classmates, and colleagues. Also, it is easy and safe to use. Just visit the site and start doing your work. 

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