Cannabis Business Social Network 2020: Top 10

We all like the Internet, nope maybe the majority of us love it. Because It has removed distance among individuals who are living far from each other, additionally, it has made our life very easy and helps us to connect with different people. Thus, you can now contact and share information about your passions, interests, and fun moments.

Further, you should be thankful for thousands of social media networks that are providing platforms for you. It also included the emerging world of a new type of social interaction, especially for cannabis consumers and influencers.

Now, finally, cannabis became legal in many countries all around the world. So, a new surprise is ready for a boom that is a cannabis-themed social network. Therefore, many cannabis-related businesses are opening every day.

Let’s have a look at leading cannabis business social network platforms for 2020.


It is a relatively new cannabis social network. Despite that, it became very popular. Because of new people and businesses signing ups. It is in process on a daily basis.

WeedLife is a sort of newsfeed social network almost the same as Facebook. Here, you can share different videos, photos, business proposals, goods or products, advice, and many other topics related to marijuana.

Moreover, you being a business owner can make your own page and profile on WeedLife. This is how the other users will be able to view your posts, products, and thoughts on your wall. It will be a great way for you to attract more and more customers. Further, you could interact directly with the existing ones.

Also, you will have many discussion forums along with different groups on WeedLife. Through these people and businesses will be able to join and participate in. Every cannabis businessman should consider this platform for the popularity of their business. This is the best platform for boosting your business in the market. 

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The website is neither complex nor difficult in usage. Moreover, WeedLife has a mobile app too. It can make interactions very easy between businesses and clients. The best part is that being a user you can access it from more than 120 countries all around the world.

If you are willing to join WeedLife then you have to select whether you are going to create your personal or business profile. Moreover, its registration method is very simple. Simply, you can start your online activity through social networks immediately just after registering.


You can say that it is a combination of LinkedIn and Google Plus. But, it is designed totally in cannabis-themed.

The most favorite platform where any marijuana user and owner of a cannabis business can sign up is weedCircle. It is free for you if you are also a cannabis lover or owner. Through this, you can create connections with your partners, clients, and friends.

Also, you can find the advance and best products here. You could enjoy several deals on this cannabis business social network.

On the other hand, it is the best social network for you if you have a cannabis group. And you are interested to promote and increase its following.


One of the biggest cannabis social networks. It has almost 400,000 visitors per month. Also, it is noticed as the increasingly growing number of registered users day by day.

Moreover, you will be able to get knowledge about the latest strains. Also, you can find the closest and best dispensaries. Even more, you can ask for advice about growing or other marijuana-related questions from the owners.

CanoSoS has many groups that you can join. Also, you can discuss the different niche topics and clear your confusion related to cannabis.

This social media is also very helpful for cannabis business owners, where they can promote their products. Further, they can contact their customers and can interact directly with them. Specifically, just on marijuana-related topics.

Even more, recently it has been noticed that there are almost 950 business pages, and more than 315,000 users. They are registered on CannaSOS.

Moreover, if you want to perform actual transactions by the site, then you have to utilize blockchain for your transparency and security. Additionally, they have their own cryptocurrency, which is named as PerksCoin.


It is the brand new specialized cannabis business social networks and almanac. MJLink is almost the same as LinkedIn. Also, it is created specifically for entrepreneurs and professionals in the marijuana industry.

This is the easiest way for connecting with other cannabis professionals. This includes manufacturers, sellers, traders, and others.

MJLink is a cannabis social network for business. It is for those who are in the cannabis industry. This will help you to connect with potential customers. Also, you will also be able to connect with other people. It will provide a smooth platform for all employers who are involved in the business for interaction.

Moreover, it is a partner with WeedLife. Thus, together these both cannabis social networks attract more than 2.5 million users every month. No doubt, this is a really huge number of users. Especially, when it comes to marijuana addicts and businesses.

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Furthermore, it is very safe for cannabis entrepreneurs, who are unable to register themselves on Google or Facebook. Also, for those who want to advertise their goods or products to a targeted audience.

In MJLink the advertisement is in the form of display ads or videos. For that, the business owners usually expected to pay $10 per 1,000 views on their profile.


One of the largest communities of cannabis is Duby on the web. If you want to sign up here, then you have to download the Duby app. It is easily available for both iOS and Android.

This cannabis social network seems like a mixture of Instagram, and Twitter. After joining Duby, you will be able to enjoy the views of all top stories and videos. Moreover, you can “pass” your favorite stories and users. Also, you can “put out” that you don’t like.

It was created as a safe haven for cannabis lovers. Those here for suffering were banned for cannabis from traditional social networks.

Believe it or not, today it is the largest community of marijuana addicts. Further, it is the superb platform through which you can promote cannabis businesses. Also, you can advertise its products for attracting new customers.


You should guess it by its name, this social network is basically a cannabis-themed reply to YouTube. Also, it does not have as such understanding policies for channels, which are running cannabis-related content.

There are thousands of accounts that are made by cannabis users, which was banned by YouTube. It was banned due to a misguided algorithm, instead of due to breaking any laws or rules.

Here in WeedTube, you are free to post your videos related to cannabis. Further, you can discuss all sorts of topics and content of this field.

WeedTube is a great cannabis business social network where all companies are allowed to post and promote videos. Also, they can reach more users and cannabis enthusiasts.


This is a new cannabis business social network. It was designed for connecting the marijuana industry as professions online. However, it is also referred to as the cannabis business LinkedIn. 

Through this, you can collect data related to the marijuana business. It mostly includes news, strategies, and methods. Thus, you can find more customers and expand your business here.  This is indeed the best way of finding your investors that will be very beneficial for your cannabis business ideas through your social networks. Furthermore, you will have investors for new investment in your projects in the field.

Moreover, you will get many potential employers here for your companies. However, if you are looking for a job then you will find a cannabis-related job on LeafWire. Because many businesses usually post their services and job offers in the social networks that are free of cost.

So, those who want their first step in the legal marijuana business should visit LeafWire first. It is the best website to visit and register for newcomers. Their registration process is very simple and it takes just your few minutes. All the necessary data is required like your name, e-mail, and password. Moreover, you can select whether you are entering as a cannabis professional or accredited investor here.


It is the first cannabis-based social network that was founded in 2013. Two college students established it. It’s popularity escalated by marijuana enthusiasts. They spread the news among their friends and in many other forums.

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Today, it has more than millions of connected users on the website and mobile app. Moreover, it is available in both android and iOS. That’s why it became a perfect platform for finding the people if you also have a cannabis business.

The registration is for both a website and a very simple app. Further, it allows the listening about the ideas of many marijuana businesses without any cost. Here on MassRoots, you can rate the videos and photos. Also, you are allowed to share your reviews about videos, photos, content, products, and strain. 

MassRoots have all the necessary information that you must need if interested in cannabis. It will help you in growing different strains, new products, and many other relevant responsibilities. The most important thing is that MassRoots is very understanding about privacy and stigma related to cannabis. Therefore, for joining it you will not require any personal information.


It is the most prominent and favorite social network of cannabis lovers and its business holders. Many cannabis addicts are using it. They find out the best strain, best local store, and best dispensaries through this website.  

This network also offers the choice for the already registered users to add and view photos, necessary information, business, and many more. Thus, all those people who are looking for the expansion of their customers should be bound with it. It is the best platform that provides the easiest way to do so.

Furthermore, it is very helpful for advertising your dispensary, latest deals, and many products for capturing consideration of customers.

Smoke Network

It is the first decentralized cannabis social network that powered on the blockchain. 

It is the first social media platform powered on the blockchain. SmokeNetwork is not new, they are already experienced in this field. They previously built that picked up 500,000 plus fans on Facebook. However, it becomes very challenging when their page was banned without any reason.

This network is free to join. Being a user you can post and use their profile. You will not face any restrictions on it. Moreover, this website grants cryptocurrency that is known as Smoke Coins. It is only for participants and it is usually shared among active participants. 

It is a platform where businesses can connect with their customers. Further, you can advertise and promote your product. Despite whether it is for medical or recreational usage.  

Grasscity Forum

It is one of the oldest online communities that are dedicated to weed-related subjects. They had started from a marijuana growing forum. After that Grasscity Forum expanded into one of the largest cannabis in online social forums.

You can join this community for discussing marijuana with like-minded people. You will get information from marijuana enthusiasts about growing, smoking, straining, and other relevant topics.

It has news sections related to cannabis and it is considered as one of the most detailed and rich databases. It is relevant to cannabis both online and offline. The business can enlist the dispensaries, promote their products, build up strains, and deal with Grasscity Forum.  It is a place where cannabis addicts can find out the local and legal dispensaries.


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You must have observed that the Cannabis industry is going through much major advancement from the last couple of years. It still needs more time for being accepted worldwide. Many large social media networks are not accepting it such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  

The large social media companies usually stay away from it due to its complex legal status. But, no doubt it is growing now very rapidly for being recognized as legal in the market.

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