Ark Dye: Adding Colors in Survival Evolved Game

The Studio Wildcard released one of the most famous and interactive PC video games Ark: Survival Evolved in August 2017. The PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One compatible game strands players on a mysterious island, surrounded by ocean water. 

The survivor moves around on the back of the tamed prehistoric beast or by foot. Importantly, they must grow and harvest the crops and craft items to survive. The players also add and make Ark Dye make a colorful base. 

What is Ark Dye?

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In the world of Ark: Survival Evolved, color plays an important role. Structures and items are easy to paint in a number of different colors. Warpaints are also available to dye animals and people. The players should cook and blend their own dye in order to make their base colorful.

They can also use the items in their inventory which include charcoal, spark powder, water, gunpowder, and various combinations of berries.

How to Make Ark Dye?

There are 25 different dyes that you can create in Ark: Survival Evolved. The players use Ark Dye to add color to their bases. Also, it is used to customize items and structures, characters, dinos or creatures, etc.  Furthermore, the players also use these dyes or colors for buildings, flags, saddles, armor, tools, and weapons.

What Will you Need?

The players craft the dyes as an industrial cooker for a cooking pot. For instance, They make these dyes to make their bases more colorful and attractive. Nevertheless, making colors seems like a really interesting work to do. I will not deny that. However, it is only interesting if you know how to make them and what things you will need.

If you want to create various Ark dyes, you are going to need some basic items. Well, you can easily find those items in your inventory. Here are the basic things that you will need.

  • Firstly, you should have a full water jar, waterskin or canteen.
  • Secondly, you will need 2 charcoals, 1 spark powder, or 1 gunpowder. 
  • Then, you are going to need different amounts and combinations of berries according to your required color.
  • Lastly, you should have a cooking pot or an industrial cooker.

Ingredients to Make a Color 

Similarly, Each dye requires water, either gun powder, sparkle powder or charcoal, and a different combination of berries according to the desired color. Moreover, there are almost 25 possible colors in the Ark Survival Evolved video game

Furthermore, here are the simple ingredients you will need for making each type of dye.

Use With Two Charcoals and Water 

  • Black –  You just need 15 Narcoberry for black color
  • Blue – 15 Azulberry is enough to get blue color
  • Brown – 6 Amarberry + 3 Azulberry + 9 Tintoberry makes the brown dye
  • Green – 9 Amarberry + 9 Azulberry is required for making the green color
  • Orange – 9 Amarberry + 9 Tintoberry
  • Purple – You need an equal amount that is  9 Azulberry + 9 Tintoberry for purple color
  • Red – 9 azulberry + 9 Tintoberry
  • White – 15 Stanberry
  • Yellow – 15 Amarberry

With One Gun Powder and Water

  • Forest –  This dye is obtained from 7 Amarberry + 7 Azulberry + 4 Narcoberry
  • Parchment – 12 Amarberry + 6 Stimberry
  • Pink –  For pink, you need 12 Tintoberry + 6 Stimberry
  • Royalty = Royalty requires equal Azulberry and Tintoberry. 7 Azulberry + 7 Tintoberry and  4 Narcoberry
  • Silver = Silver dye is obtained easily from the combination of 6 Narcoberry + 12 Stimberry
  • Sky – Sky requires  12 Azulberry + 6 Stimberry
  • Tan – To make tan 4 Amarberry + 1 Azulberry + Tintoberry + 6 Stimberry is required
  • Tangerine – Tangerine needs 7 Amarberry + 7 Tintoberry + 4 Narcoberry

Use With One Sparkle Powder and Water 

  • Brick – 12 Tintoberry + 6 Narcoberry
  • Cantaloupe – You need 7 Amarberry + 7 Tintoberry + 4 Stimberry for cantaloupe dye
  • Cyan – You need 6 Amarberry + 12 Azulberry for cyan dye
  • Magenta – Magenta is the  combination of 9 Azulberry + 9 Tintoberry
  • Mud – For mud dye, you will need  4 Amarberry + 1 Azulberry + 7 Tintoberry
  • Navy –  If you want navy dye it requires 12 Azulberry + 6 Narcoberry
  • Olive – To make olive color 12 Amarberry + 6 Narcoberry is required
  • Slate = 12 Narcoberry + 6 Stimberry is required to make slate
ark dye

End Point

As we know, the objective of this game is that the players must survive in this virtual world. They also have to defend themselves from hostile animals and people. Moreover, they must establish a base in order to defend themselves. Also, players can tame wild and prehistoric animals. Additionally, players must build bases and shelters in this virtual reality game. 

Besides this, they have to defend themselves with improved weapons and firearms. In addition, Ark dye makes this game more interesting, and colorful players add color to the structure and items. Besides this, animals and players are dyed too.

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