ARK Rex: The Dinosaur in ARK Survival Evolved

Are you also scared of wild animals? Yes, I am damn sure especially if it is the matter of Dinosaurs. Let’s spend a day with a Tyrannosaurus commonly called Rex. It is a Dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved. Sometimes many among us wish to see this wonderful species with their naked eye. Luckily we are getting a chance to meet Rex.

ARK Rex lives on the Island. He is a very huge, dominating, and bulky predator. The stamina of Rex is more than Spinosaurus. Meanwhile, he lacks the attack speed as compared to him. Moreover, their speed is slow in water.

Behavior of Rex


What do you think? How does a dinosaur behave with his surrounding animals? Just angry? No, you are wrong! The highly aggressive response you will observe while ARK Rex seems to attack living creatures in sight aside from other apex predators.

You will meet with Spinos at the same level who possess nearly half health and bulky mass then Tyrannosaurus (Rex). Rex holds surprisingly good stamina that is also greater than Spinos. What does Rex lack? Unfortunately, the attacking speed is slow then the Spinos.

Generally, Rex ignores mounted tamed animals. He prefers to attack wild animals. 

How Does Rex Look?

He is exceptionally large, sometimes colorful, theropod dinosaur found on the island. Rex doesn’t seem cute or pretty. Not at all, he is covered in small, pebbly scales that are often interrupted with large osteoderms.

The underbelly is smooth and tan with rectangular scales. Forgiving an awful look, there is a large ridge of large bony scutes along with their neck and back, it may be used to protect their vertebrae from the jaws of other carnivores.

Additionally, they have proportionality long legs, which end in three thick, padded toes.

Moreover, Rex regularly exceeds about 70 feet in length. However, these dinosaurs possess disproportionality small arms, more strange is that.  

Journey With Rex

When domestic and ridden, no carnivorous except for other rexes, Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Yutyrannus, and Therizinosaurus will surely attack you especially if you don’t attack them first.  

Who is Tek Rex?

It is also a creature in the game which is permanently added with the ARK: ARCHaeology event. It is an element of the “Extinction Chronicles 1” event. This is one of the best alternatives to the original Rex. Unlike the original one, they spawn at a 5% rate at 20% higher than the normal.

Is There any Specific Breeding of Rex?

It is very difficult to breed in captivity due to the difficulty in maintaining proper egg temperatures and the long period of hand feeding the infant. Moreover recommend at least 2 air conditioners and multiple standing torches for aid in maintaining the egg at a specific temperature, between the time of monitoring the egg during incubation and also hand feeding to the infant. 

It takes almost 8-9 hours commitment for getting a baby to the level where it will eat out of a feeding trough.

  •   Temperature: 85-95 degrees F
  •   Incubation: Approximately 5 hours
  •   Maturation: About 3 days 20 hours and 30 minutes.

Some Common Strategies


As we all know that Rexes are relatively fast and incredibly strong. Meanwhile trying to tame a Rex solo on flat ground can never be a good idea. Bring some of your friends and shoot Tranq Arrows on it.

  • You can build almost 10 stone pillars at height with a ceiling on top. Lure the Rex towards it while riding a flying mount. Then land on your tower and shoot rapidly.
  • Find spawned Rex near the cliff then quite a lot of Rexes spawn in the cove on the southern shores. Stand on the top and shoot tranq arrows, it will stand while trying to reach you. This way is relatively easy to tame a Rex solo. Moreover, you can also aggro the Rex from distance and also can steer it to a cliff while riding a fast mount like Raptor.
  • Bring tanks and set to passive. The Rex will definitely attack your pet while you will shoot Tranq Arrows at it through distance.
  •  If you fail to find a cliff, then bring your friend with a Tapejara, Pteranodon, Argentavis, or Quetzal. Single-player flies on the mount and carries the rest of the players, which then shoot Tranq Arrows to the Rex. You have to be very careful to not let your mount run out of stamina. Additionally, the Rex will more likely kill the three among you if you will move down.


There are millions of exciting video games. ARK Rex: The Dinosaur In ARK Survival Evolved is indeed the best one among all. If you also want to meet ARK Rex then install now and start playing.

Spend a day with Rex and resolve the challenges. Let’s see either you will be the friend or enemy of Rex.

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