Ace of Spades Destiny 2: How to Get the Weapon?

Many people among us are scared of weapons, but at the same time, our new generation is a weapon lover. Especially those boys who are fond of such games where the latest weapons are being used and introduced.

Destiny 2 is also one of the popular and favorite games of boys due to the Ace of Spade Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is also called New light. It is available free for playing online. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that is developed by Bungie.

When was it Introduced? 

The game was introduced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was officially launched on 6 September 2017. Microsoft window further introduced a new version that was released on 24 October 2017. The game was issued free for playing on 1st October 2017. Also, the Google Stadia platform also began to work on a new version during the same month.

The best part is that it will be also available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X when it will be released in late 2020.  Activision was the one who published it on 31 December 2018. However, Bungie acquired publishing rights.

Let’s Get you Aware About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 continues the sequel of 2014 Destiny along with its subsequent expansion. That was a mythic science fiction world. It was the first game with the agreement of 10 years between Budgie and Activism. 

When it was released, the game received very positive reviews from the players. But it also faced criticism on the storyline of the game and post-campaign content. Despite that, it was admired by the fans. This game was liked and praised by many. The graphics, gameplay, lineage maintenance, and other specific factors made it great and popular.

Success of Destiny

They sold almost $325 million at retail within its first 5 days. It created a new biggest franchise launch during its first five days. It became the biggest launch until that time. It was honored as the game of the year in 2014. It was awarded BAFTA Award for the best game at British Academy Video Game Award in 2014.

Destiny 2

Let’s talk about Destiny 2, It is divided into two types.

  • Player VS Environment (PvE)
  • Player VS Player (PvP)


In a normal mission, player vs environment features the three-player strikes along with six-player raids. Moreover, roam patrol is also available completely free on each planet. There are many public events and many new activities too. Additionally, these new activities are not featured originally.

These activities show more attention to exploring planets. Further, they interact with non-player characters during exploration.


On the other hand, player vs player is featured as an objective-based mode. Also, some traditional deathmatches modes are available. Here, being a player you will assume as a guardian, protector of earth. Especially, for the last safe city of the earth. Additionally, you have some special powers called light to protect. Therefore, you have to protect it from different aliens.  

What is Ace of Spades Destiny 2?

ace of spades destiny 2

The Ace of Spades Destiny 2 is an iconic hand that can be used in the game. It is introduced with the original game. This gun was the best weapon for huntings in-game. But, it was not that spectacular in destiny.

Meanwhile, Ace of Spades Destiny 2 was reintroduced in Destiny 2. It is available for all the players in destiny 2 after the death of the owner. But, that death is untimely. It is even not that easy to grab this gun. 

How to Grab Ace of Spades Destiny 2?

Here you can get the steps that can help you to grab Ace of spades Destiny 2.

  • Step  1

First of all, you have to finish the destiny 2: Forsaken campaign

  • Step 2

Now it’s time to talk with Banshee-44 specifically in the tower.

  • Step 3

Players may be killed in Gambit by using a hand cannon. Moreover, the invaders will kill more for an increasing percentage.

  • Step 4

Here, you will see 250 kills in a strike by the hand cannons. Keep in mind your strikes will only work with Hand canon.

  • Step 5

It’s time to open the chests. You have to find Cayde’s chests, which will be already marked on your map.

  • Step 6

Congratulations, you have completed your mission here. The mission “Ace in the hole” finally accomplished on the tangled shore.

This mission is not hidden from your director, additionally, it is played only by one player. Don’t worry; their difficulties were also not that high.

However, several strong enemies will give you a tough time. But, you can use any weapon against them.

  • Step 7

Now it’s reward time, you have to visit Banshee-44 for your prize.

How can you Get a Weapon?

ace of spades destiny 2

When you lose Cayde-6, it’s very common to grieve. Sooner you have to return to your consciousness. Keep in mind that Destiny 2 is a game of loot.

Well, after losing Cayde-6 his precious hand cannon would be retrieved by you. Also, the reclaiming on Ace of Spade will not be that much easy from UldrenSov. 

Now the question is how can you retrieve weapons? Here you will get an answer to how you could get Ace of spade and make it your instrument for your whole life.

  • Get Cayde’s Will And Finish The Campaign

Soon after starting, Banshee-44 will give you the last will despite Cayde. It will demand to retrieve Ace of the spade. This means before doing anything else you are bound to complete a campaign.

Just forget about the Aces of the spade for some time and focus on some fun killing barons. When it will finish, then go back to Benches-44 to start.  

  • Invader Kills

Banshee-44 will inform you that Cayde’s and cannon needs repairing. While he knows how to fix it. For repairing it properly and making it perfect for you Banshee-44 will ask you to kill some enemies.

Now, what are you going to do? First of all, you have to go to the new Gambit mode and use a hand cannon for killing invaders who are entering your realm.

Keep in mind that this is quite difficult, especially when you are in Gambit on your own. Despite that, there are many ways of keeping yourself safe, secure, and successful.

First thing is to get a hand cannon, any old fashioned one if you have one. Because it can help you to kill invaders very quickly from a distance.

After that, do you want to win Gambit? Yes, it is very obvious. But for the primeval stage, they will allow your enemies for invasion constantly. The chance of your progress increases with an increase in invasion in the quest. Continuously kill the primeval and wait for upcoming enemies. Keep doing this, continuously enjoy Gambit sooner or later you will finish all your enemies.

  • 250 Strike Kills With Hand Cannons

When you will kill enough invaders then Banshee-44 will ask you to hop into strikes. Here you have to kill enemies for having hand cannons. You can invest your time here. Here you can keep playing the strike playlist and earn hand cannon kills.

Moreover, the group of three can chase it more easily. For that, you have to go to the menu and select the strike. Then Spread out and start moving towards the lost sectors. Kill as many enemies as you can. But, don’t try to start a strike if you don’t have a proper team with one goal.

  • 25 Hand Cannon Kills The Crucible

This is the PvP step. Here the players of PvE will not take Ace of Spades. Do you know why? It is because of some recent crucible changes in weapons. A hand cannon can kill very quickly now.

Choose the same hand canon that you had previously used in Gambit and just jump into a quick play playlist. Keep focusing on getting your hand canon and make sure that your aim is head. As you must know that the precious kills are counted only once. 

  • Cayde’s Caches

You must have enjoyed the awful headshots of your enemies. Now Banshee will send you all around the universe. You will find the Cayde’s old caches here. Their step is not difficult until you know where you should look.

You have to make your passage into Firebase Hades through a small air duct. Thus, here you will see the same area as original destiny 2, along with campaign and Arm dealers strike. Make sure for the way from where you could move out.

You have to go between pipes and keep moving until you reach another landing pad area. Now you will desire to go towards the base, the direction of a strike at you. Then you will find a hallway on the left side. You have to keep walking until you pass a tank. Moreover, some awful pallets will be Cayde-6 cache.

  • IO Cache

Make your way, move into the wraith mines. When you enter into the cave you will see the drill then you have to look up the balcony just above you.

Now it’s time to move up, so either start running on the ramp or hop on some rocks and parkour.

When you reach the balcony, just look at the drill. Here you will observe a faint shining of Cayde cache in distance.

  • Nessus Cache

This is the most confusing passage for finding Cayde cache if you are going to follow the map. One thing else, you have to move right before going left.

First of all, load in the “Exodus Black” area. Then, you will take right towards the “Chamber of Sky”. Now, it’s time to walk into the Sunken Cavern cave behind the chunks. And yes, just ignore the Vex teleporter on the left side.

Push yourself forward and find the large circular room. Keep moving and find the bronze circle with a glowing climax over the edge.

Now, let’s jump here, look down and get the Cayde cache.  

  • Tangles Shore Cache

Have you got a confusing map of the Nessus cache? Then, it is quite unhelpful.

Now, drop in Thieves’ Landing, start riding towards Jetsam of Saturn. Keep yourself on the left side and drop down in disturbing hive caves around the dropship for a long duration. Here you will cross a large distance. Then you will reach the end and face the dark barrier.

Take one or two steps back. Look at the wall on the left side that will be sitting in plain sight.     

  • The Mission

This one is the easiest step among all. Now you have to go towards Titan and start the mission. Moreover, keep an eye on your left side of your screen. Here, a blinking message will suggest that the chest is nearby.

No doubt, it glows very brightly. In spite of that, you may have to go out of your way. Moreover, keep following your radar, find out your enemies. You will have some caches that would be sitting either, under, near, or around your enemies.

Your final trip is to wait for the dialogue. This will finish everything before opening another cache. So, you don’t need to cut off the dialogues. 

After completing your mission, you are bound to return towards Banshee-44. When you will arrive, he will give you a magnificent Ace of Spades. The fantastic and powerful gun. So, have a blast because you have earned it. 


play ace of spades destiny 2

There are millions of exciting video games. Destiny 2 is indeed one of the favorite games among all. If you also want Ace of Spades then start playing now. You will surely enjoy resolving the challenges as well.

Let’s see which step will be your favorite one and who will give you the most difficult time. It will entertain those who have enjoyed destiny too. As this continuity is leading from the destiny with an upgraded version.

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