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AngriestPat: Is He The Solaire On Twitter?

Let’s try to live one day as Solaire of Astora. Do you ever try to have a mission like Solaire? I would love to enjoy his character if I ever get a chance ever in my life. Oh wait a minute, do you know Solaire of Astora has a Twitter account with the name of AngriestPat? No, it’s all right. No need to worry about that. This article will tell you about the twitter account of Solaire.


What Is Dark Soul?

Dark Souls is one of my favorite games. The game was created in 2011. Do you have an idea who developed it? Actually it was Fromsoftware, a Japanese video game development company. The Dark Souls takes place in a fictional Kingdom that is Lordan. One thing else, this game is the spiritual successor of Demon’s Soul.

Solaire of Astora 

solaire of astora

Solaire of Astora is a very popular character among his fans. Many people love him due to his unusual friendly and helpful demeanor, especially his most prominent signature gesture “Praise the Sun”. Thus this involves holding up both arms in Y-shape while he stands on tiptoes.

Is Angriestpat The Solaire Of Twitter?

Not only on twitter but in the heart of his fans, Solaire is ruling. Solaire as AngriestPat has more than 50 followers on twitter. You can visit the account now.


If you have no idea about Solaire, you can know all about him and his character by visiting the Twitter account of AngriestPat. However, if you are a crazy fan of Solaire, you would love to check that account. So, go and check it yourself.

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