How to Deal With a Broken Computer Screen?

Fix your broken computer screen today!!

Is your computer screen broken? Wait don’t panic around, I got a few simple solutions on how you can get it fixed. 

It’s really awful when you find out that your computer screen is broken or damaged, and especially if that computer/ laptop contains important files related to your work or education. But, it can be fixed really easily with a few simple ways that I’ll be writing about in this post. So, read the full article to find them out.

The first most thing you need to do is spot out the problem, i.e. whether your screen is actually broken/damaged or there’s some other issue with the display of the system. There can be any of these which hinders the smooth function of your computer’s screen display.

Broken Screen: 

Your computer screen might be broken due to  a lot of careless mistakes you make while using/ keeping your system. It might happen that your dog smashes your desktop screen with a ball while you are playing. Or, you keep your laptop on the bed after your work is done and by chance you sit on it or place something heavy, this will definitely break your screen.  

Not only these, there might be several accidental instances as you drop your laptop by a hit with someone while walking. Or, most probably it slipped off your oily hands. 

Damaged Screen:

Technically there’s a wide difference between your screen getting cracked/ broken and being actually getting damaged. 

You might have noticed that sometimes, some black splotches which means that the screen has separated from its casing.In most cases, these types of separation occurs as a result of some major impact, but it can also occur if the lid was opened in the wrong way. Another thing that might damage your screen is when it comes in contact with water. It may happen that you were out with your laptop at work and you get wet in rain, this will surely damage your display, unless it’s waterproof.

Other Issues With the Display of Your Computer System:  

The other issue that might affect the improper functioning of your screen is swelling. 

Swelling:  Swelling is considered one of the best ways which indicate that the computer screen needs repair. The most usual cause of swelling is by some sort of physical impact or some fluctuations in the weather and temperature. 

Once you figure out your root cause/ problem then you may follow any of the following which is more feasible to you.         

  1. You can repair or replace the screen by yourself:

If you know how to work with the electronic devices, you can easily repair your broken screen. 

First thing first, order your screen from any online store or purchase it from a local store, dealing in with the brand of which your computer is. Once the screen is available, prepare the laptop for  the repairing process, in order to replace the old one with a new screen as smooth as possible. For this you need to have all the necessary screwdrivers, replacement tape, and other tools available so that you can do the repair task quite efficiently. Do this only when you are confident enough doing it. However, you’ll find guides available online and some good YouTube videos that outline how to fix a broken computer screen.

You must be very careful while you do this process all alone by yourself. Once, you have done the required steps by following the guide, the next step is to make sure if its working fine. If it does, the kudos, you made it. But it doesn’t then surely you may have missed a step or accidentally damaged a video cable. In that case, you gotta need to take your system to the repair shop. 

  1. Go to a computer repair shop:

Getting your broken screen fixed at a repair shop isn’t really that expensive, actually, it can cost less than that when you make an unsuccessful repair. All you need to do is just find a trusted expert for repairing in your locality. 

  1. Get a new computer: 

If nothing works then the ultimate solution to this is purchasing a new desktop or a laptop, whichever best suits your budget as well as your requirements. 

Again, one more important thing is always measure the repairing costs against the age and condition of your laptop. Frankly speaking, there’s no point spending your money on repairing an old and overused computer system. Afterall, it is also an electronic device with a certain amount of life period, so it’s always better to get a new laptop instead of wasting your cents on an old one. 

 I hope visitors enjoy this post, and at the same time I also wish that it’s informative. For more such “solutions to your problem” stuff, follow our pages. 

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