Boosting Your Visitor Count: Six Elements That Foster High Web Traffic

One out of the many worries marketers regularly suffer from is the web traffic their campaigns are generating. Marketing is all about grasping attention. And what better than luring customers to your webpage so that they can convert into your loyal clients? 

Increased visitor count on your webpage helps your business in several ways. Firstly and most importantly, increased web traffic helps your business grow. The visitors you have are your potential customers. If you convince them enough with your products and services, they turn into sales. Moreover, generating quality traffic to your webpage also helps increase the ranking of your webpage. And this means more chances to rank yourself up above in the search results! Hence, multiplying visitor count on your website is a primary objective in a businesses’ online marketing strategy. 

Coming to the crux, here are six elements that foster and guarantee high web traffic to your webpage: 

Optimize Your Content for Search Engine Results:

By far, the most common yet beneficial tactic is optimizing your content for search engines. Imagine posting a video about six easy ways to make your cat happy and ending up getting it ranked as number one on google search results. When someone searches about cats and happiness, your video pops up, tempting your customer to your website. It is an instant hit! 

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However, it requires quite a lot of hard work to push your content as number one. Experts suggest marketing personnel to monitor the competition, work around the search engine algorithms, and build blog credibility to rank on the first page of search engine results. Later you can use various traffic checker tools to see how well your optimization tactics are coming along. 

Create Guest Posts for Other Blogs:

One terrific way to bring in more traffic to your site is to write for other blogs over the internet. Guest blogging allows you to attract visitors to your page. When you do so, they also agree to give you a link back to your website. By doing this, you can also increase your chances of boosting your target audience by reaching out to the bloggers’ fan base. 

Guest blogging, in turn, also increases your credibility for search engine rankings. The more backlinks you have, the search engines consider you a trustworthy resource and give you a higher-up spot in the results. However, many brands struggle to find relevant blogs to write for and get linked for more exposure. Since this is an opportunity widely available, many brands aim to use this for brand awareness. It saturates the market with too many guest bloggers available. And this means you need to produce extremely high-quality content for bloggers to choose you to feature on their blog. 

Team Up With Other Brands to Increase Your Audience:

Collaborating with other brands to produce something exciting is an effective way to expand your visitor count. The keynote is to select brands that are not your competitors but share a somewhat similar fan base. You can collaborate and produce podcasts or webinars, where you both indirectly promote your brands. This way, you get to boost your target audience and also your webpage traffic. 

Market Your Content in Various Online Communities:

It is a fact that most people today use one or other online platforms to interact. Brands can find most of their targeted audience in online communities. And this is why promoting your content online is critical to boosting visitor count. 

When you post valuable and enticing content on social media, your potential customers will want to have a look. Once they click and start viewing, they come across your brand, and that creates brand awareness. If your content is top-notch, the viewers may further jump on to look at your webpage and what you offer. 

Let’s see this through an example. Imagine you run a clinic for destressing therapies. You may first have to attract customers who are interested in destressing. Therefore, you could create a webinar about how to unwind and deal with stressful life. Once you have made it, you can now market it on different platforms where your customers are accessible. Now once your consumers reach the webinar, they will surely come across your business. And if they get tempted enough, they might even hop on your webpage and look at the details! 

Host Giveaways and Contests:

Have you ever taken part in the share and win contests over Facebook? They are quite common now and also pretty popular. Often the giveaway terms include the audience doing something for the brand to get included in the draw. For example, sharing a Facebook page, tagging friends on an Instagram photo, subscribing to the email list, etc. Once the viewers fulfill the terms, they automatically become a part of the giveaway draw. After a few days, the brand announces the winners, and they get a few freebies! On the other hand, contests include creating something like an innovative food dessert or a picturesque photograph. The best ones get a prize. 

Giveaways and contests are pretty compelling to boost brand awareness. Asking people to share your blog posts, or inviting people to like your Facebook page, is a remarkable tactic in increasing your fan base and visitor count. 

Engage With Your Audience on Social Platforms:

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Have you ever seen a brand wittily responding to a post related to them on Facebook? People get pretty amused and excited when this happens. The common belief is that brands do not interact with the audience or do not have a well-built online presence. It is great to break this perception and have an active social media team. You should respond to complaints, give feedback to posts involving your brand, or stir up some excitement by posting fun content. All this adds immensely to boosting your visitor count. 

However, while you do this, remember to stay as friendly and polite as possible. Keep it human. Nobody likes spammy posts forwarding links to your webpage. 


Boosting visitor count through various techniques such as the ones above help create brand awareness and enhance sales. The more you engage with your potential consumers, the more chances you have to convert them into revenue. There are several ways, and thinking out-of-the-box is imperative when building a strategy to increase your web traffic. It would be best to know your target audience’s likings and then work around this to produce content that attracts them. Marketing is all about appealing to your customers and what attracts, sells! 

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