How to Download IDM Crack Latest Version Free Download for Lifetime

Internet and online connectivity have now become just our lifeline in this age of technology. It is actually helpful in numerous ways, especially we get a lot of things done without actually being physically present. However, there’s always a hurdle in the way of having something good and the same is the scenario with online connectivity. We face a lot of network issues be it while connecting to an important webinar or downloading our favorite games. Considering circulating these issues, I have written this post to help you guys out.     

Topics to be included in the post: 

  • How to download IDM crack the latest version free for a lifetime and what’s new in IDM 6.38?
  • Features
  • Serial keys and Benefits of IDM key
  • Pros and Cons
  • System requirement 
  • How to download and install.

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How to download IDM Crack the Latest Version Free for a Lifetime and What’s New in IDM 6.38?

IDM is just the solution to all your network issues. The  Internet Download Manager is basically a tool that is used to manage all your downloads, with an additional benefit of speeding up your internet connectivity.  The software comes with a variety of different amazing features and is also claimed to be a torrent client by several people. Interestingly, it has commendable high speed and is way better at its performance than the most traditional torrent clients. 

There a lot of mindblowing features of IDM which adds to its numerous benefits. I’m pretty sure that you must be interested in how to download IDM crack the latest version free for a lifetime. But before that, lemme say the prime feature of IDM is being able to download things quicker will have a knock-down effect on the rest of your browsing experience. Using IDM you’ll actually spend less time waiting for files to download, which technically means that your connection now doesn’t sluggish while you download your favorite stuff. 

Now, that you have known that IDM is an amazing solution to your network problem, you must be wondering how does it do that. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how!!

Following is the working principle of IDM, so that you have a clear knowledge of how idm 6.38 actually works. Read the following steps to find out yourself. 

  • This firstmost thing to do is obviously to have the IDM software. So, get it downloaded and installed on your system. You’ll get it from the official website or you can also refer to the  IDM crack latest version free download for a lifetime
  • Now launch the app to view the interface. You can see some control buttons such as: “Add URL,” “Start/Resume,” “Options,” “Tell A Friend,” “Delete All” “Completed,” “Scheduler,” “Stop All” and “Stop” located just above the lists of downloadable files.
  • Click on the “Add URL” button and paste the link to the file there. With the correct link, the Manager will immediately pop-up a “save as” button enabling you to save it in any destination you want to in your PC.
  • You can now click on the “Start/Resume” button to begin downloading right away. The dialog box on the interface will give additional required information on the file that’s being downloaded.
  • You can click on the ‘Stop’ button as and when you feel like to stop and discard it. This will immediately end the download
  • The Scheduler button helps you determine when your IDM download would begin to download a file. IDM works even offline
  • Once the download is over, click the ‘Delete Completed’ button to remove the file from the dialog box.

Breaking this down in simple terms, IDM works by taking files and breaking them down into smaller pieces. It’s good that IDM does not cause any damage to the original files while doing it, hence there isn’t any fear of the file getting corrupted. The actual motive for doing this is that  

 It does this without causing By breaking the files down, it becomes a lot easier to download each miniaturized files- taking much lesser time than that is actually needed for the entire file to download altogether. It actually leads to a much quicker download.

Coming up with the latest IDM version, I’ll tell you What new is in version IDM 6.38 Crack

  • The new version is with a removed wide border around it and instead has a fixed download progress dialog on Windows 10
  • It has also added an attribute to set the minimum file size for showing the ‘Download this video’ button.
  • This version has come with improved video recognition in the web player.

Features IDM 6.38 Cracked file

  • It’s amazing graphics and user-friendly. 
  • It’s compatible with all the modern browsers to automatically work and manage downloaded files.
  • It supports a smart downloading logic accelerator that features fast downloads.
  • It has the ability to download in less than half the time of exactly when your internet connection is interrupted for some reason.
  • It comes with resolved compatibility problems of Google Chrome expansion with several applications.
  • It supports resume and schedule features.

Serial keys and Benefits of IDM key

Here, is a list of working Serial Keys for IDM 6.38 Crack:


There is a list of 100% working, IDM Serial key:


Pros and Cons

There are several benefits of using the IDM 6.38 Cracked version. I’ll be listing a few pros of it below: 

  • It can download faster
  • It’s very easy to install and use
  • It’s relatively cheap. It offers a lot of features for just 30 dollars. However, if you use the keys it’s even absolutely free. 
  • It supports most browsers thus, there is no discrimination.
  • You can pause and also resume downloads with its help. 

Nevertheless, like that of every coin having two faces, IDM also have a few drawbacks, as such:

  • It can be used only and only on the Windows operated devices.
  • It charges you, and is not free

System Requirement 

  • OS required should be Microsoft Windows (XP, VISTA, 7, 8)
  • Available memory on a device should be just 50 MB and it is more than enough for a successful installation.
  • Input Devices required are Keyboards and Optical Mouse.

Technical Setup Information 

  • Software Name: Internet Download Manager 6.38 Build 09
  • Filename: IDM crack file
  • Size: 6.49 MB 
  • OS Requirements: Windows (Any Versions)
  • Languages Supported: Multiple languages
  • Date of Modification: 1st November, 2020

How to Download and Install

  • First thing first, download IDM Serial Key Crack from the link I have added at the bottom of this post.
  • If you got IDM already installed, uninstall the previous version.
  • Once the downloading run setup is done. Now, install it on your PC or laptop.
  • After successful installation, open and used crack IDM.
  • Don’t forget to use the serial keys I have already mentioned above to activate IDM Crack.
  • Enjoy using IDM for free. 

Download link:

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