Easy Tips to Boost Productivity During a Stressful Workday

When it comes to your work performance, productivity is the single most important factor. It enables you to do more in less time while making sure that you deliver quality as well. Although winning with your productivity levels sounds simple, it can be a challenge in itself. Things get even tougher if you are working from home because there are distractions around. Even if you work in an office environment, stress can be a killer.

Still, some common-sense, dedication, and a lot of good advice can take your productivity levels to the top without much effort, despite the distraction and stress challenges you face. The best part is that you can do it without working more or slogging for longer hours. Here are some tricks and hacks you can try to be more productive even during a stressful workday. 

Start by Streamlining Your Space

Whether you work from home or in the office, an uncluttered workspace gives you an edge. The best way to be more productive is by streamlining your workspace, both physical and virtual. Invest in a proper home office if you don’t already have one, and fortunately, you can have one in a small area and without spending a fortune. Invest in a regular declutter routine for your desk and cabinets. Organize your computer as well, because virtual clutter slows you down, compromises your device performance, and makes things harder to find. 

Prioritize Tasks With a To-Do List

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Your first step towards a relaxed and productive workday is preparing a to-do list right when you sit to work. A written list helps you prioritize work, which reduces stress and enables you to focus on the tasks at hand. You will be able to wrap them up quickly and tick off the list faster than you expect. If there is something you would dread doing the most, complete it first. You will notice a jump in the productivity levels as the stress of the challenge is resolved. 

Have a List of Daily Goals

While a to-do list is a short-term fix, you can extend the habit to the next level by penning down a daily goals list. It should focus on what you want to achieve even as you complete your daily tasks. Maybe, you want to take up an online course, and completing one module a day during break time can be your daily goal. The idea lets you deliver on the work front and achieve personal growth at the same time. If you stick to the routine diligently, you will enjoy the challenge eventually. 

Avoid Multi-Tasking

You may be great at multi-tasking in routine, but reserve the habit for personal errands only. Juggling multiple tasks at work can have a detrimental impact on your productivity, even if you do it with good intentions. While you will often end up wasting time instead of saving it, there is a probability of errors when you try handling several things at the same time. 

Take Short Breaks

Another surefire measure to ramp up your productivity levels at the workplace is by taking short breaks at regular intervals. Use break time to do something you enjoy, read a blog you like, have a coffee with a colleague, or play your favorite video on YouTube. You can check here to learn how to loop a video if you want to play something hands-free. Such breaks rejuvenate your body and relax your mind so that you can get back in full throttle. They also curb stress, which is the main culprit for making people less productive. 

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Move Around 

Being glued to the desk isn’t going to wonders for your health and productivity. You end up feeling sore and tired eventually, and it would affect your performance as well. Being physically active through the workday keeps you going and cuts down the stress as well. Go for a brisk walk in the lunch break or walk around the corridor every hour. You can even roll open a yoga mat and exercise a bit during the tea break. Combining meditation and deep breathing in the workout session can make you a lot more productive than you think. 

Cut Back on Distractions 

Browsing the internet, checking out social media, and taking unnecessary calls can distract you during a typical workday. As a rule of thumb, you should steer clear of these avoidable distractions while you are on the desk. Even at home, have a dedicated workspace where there aren’t any distractions. If there are kids around, work out an arrangement with your spouse, and divide duties so that you focus fully on your tasks. If you want to check your mails, phone, or social media accounts, do it during the breaks.

Get Hold of Your Schedule

Despite the best efforts, stress is likely to take its toll and hamper your work once or more during a busy workday. It is vital to get hold of your schedule and get things back on track quickly. If you aren’t able to do it, you may end up experiencing burnout and fatigue, which are the last things you may want to deal with. Being mindful and calm will help you regain control and prevent stress, even if you lose hold at some point.

Delegate Tasks

Even the most productive people need help, and it isn’t something you should feel apprehensive about. Get help by delegating tasks when you think that things are getting too tight. It is important to build good relationships with your colleagues, and they will be right there to lend a hand when you need it. Delegation of tasks lets you focus on critical tasks that require all your productivity, while you can let trusted colleagues handle things that they are better equipped for.

Even though the productivity puzzle seems hard to crack, it isn’t rocket science. The right mindset and approach can help you match all expectations and stay ahead every single day at work. So go ahead and follow these ideas, and you will surely deliver the best to your workplace! 

Author Bio: Hailey Rhodes, has the knack for all business and professional management skills. Been working as a guest contributor to some leading magazines, she has gained her expertise in the industry.

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