7 Tips to Boost Sales on Your eCommerce Website

If you want your online business to grow successfully, you need to focus on boosting your sales.

Luckily, there are quite a few strategies and online tools that can help you with that.

Today, we will give you some insightful tips about earning more revenue from your eCommerce website using various online platforms, strategies, and tools.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Keywords

If you want your online business to be successful, optimizing your website will not be enough; you will have to find other ways and channels to promote your website and bring in traffic. One of the tools you need to use to be successful is Google Ads.

If you are just starting to work with Google Ads, you will have to begin by planning the best keywords for your business niche. If you do not know much about keywords, you can use the Clever Ads keyword planner. The tool can also be useful for those of you who already run ad campaigns on Google Ads.

Tip #2: Mix Broad Match Type & Exact Match Type Keywords

Even though every business is different and needs their individual strategies to reach the best results, mixing the Broad Match type and the Exact Match type keywords in Google Ads is the most effective choice.

If you were only to use broad keywords, you would reach many people, but only a small part of those people would actually buy from you. And if you would only use exact keywords, a big percentage of people who click on the ad would convert, but there would not be a lot of them, so it is best to mix the keywords for the best result.

Tip #3: Make Ad Copy & the Landing Page Relevant

If you want to boost sales on your website, you need to drive more traffic to your online store and get the website visitors to convert. For that to happen, first of all, you need to write an interesting ad copy.

Then, when you have written the copy and created the ad, you need to make sure that the landing page linked to this ad displays the exact thing you have mentioned in your copy. 

It is doubtful that if you mention one thing in your copy and sell another, the website visitor will just go ahead and buy something completely different. They will leave your website and buy from your competitors.

Tip #4: Grow Your Quality Score

As mentioned before, the ad and the landing page need to be relevant because otherwise, people will leave your website. More to it, it will not do any good to your Quality Score. If Google notices that you are advertising something that does not match the landing page’s content, it will rank you down.

It is also important that you focus on creating quality content on your website because otherwise, your Quality Score will suffer as well.

Tip #5: Use Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions is a tool that some businesses are missing out on. But if you experiment with at least a few of the Ad Extensions, you will notice that they can help you bring more traffic to your website, more conversions, and even attract more people to your physical stores.

For example, you could use a Price Extension so that people can see the price of a product or service before they visit your website. If your potential customers are satisfied with that price, it will encourage them to click on the ad. 

More to it, even if the price is too high, showing it to people is beneficial for you. This way, these people will not have to click on the ad just to figure out that the price is too high and end up leaving your website and costing you money for the click.

Tip #6: Show Off Reviews

Reviews are an important element in the eCommerce market. By purchasing an item online, people are giving up on the opportunity to touch it or try it on; therefore, it may lead to a lower number of conversions.

To eliminate the doubts that your potential customers have, add reviews to your website and, if possible, with pictures made by your customers. This way, it will be easier for the website visitors to evaluate if the quality of a product is worth spending their money on.

Tip #7: Advertise on Social Media

There are quite a few reasons why you should advertise on social media if you want to boost sales on your online store. First of all, advertising on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram will bring more traffic to your website because a lot of people are searching for products and services on social media nowadays.

Secondly, using such social media channels as TikTok will help you engage more with your target audience and communicate with them, even to get to know them better. 

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