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Get Your 8 Ball Pool Mod APK File Free Today!!

Hello!! pool lovers, are guys waiting for a long time to play pool actually, but couldn’t due to this COVID-19? Don’t worry I got the solution. Yes, I’ll provide you today with the mod APK of 8 ball pool which gives you a true 3-D game environment so that you don’t miss your favorite pool game anymore.

Topics included in this article:

  • What’s 8 ball pool mod APK
  • Its features and hacks to use
  • Is it safe or not?
  • How to download 8 ball pool mod APK and get it installed on Android

One of the most popular and highly downloaded games by the Swiss gaming website, Miniclip, is the 8 ball pool. Tracing back to history, it was originally released in October 2010. It is a highly played mobile as well as a laptop video game, which can stimulate the players very well and this is one of the Editor’s Choice gaming applications in the Google play store. 

Although, the 8 ball pool is an amazing multilayer platform for the pool players, yet the official app got a lot of paid limitations which prevents/ Certains its players from accessing a full gaming environment for free. Don’t worry I got that key to that lock as well. Yes, you can download the 8 ball pool mod APK

Which will give you a completely 3-D pooling experience without paying a single cent. So, read on to find it out.  

What’s 8 Ball Pool Mod APK

Basically, all the features of 8 ball pool mod APK is exactly the same, as the Official Premium 8 ball App with just the slightest difference that the mod APK is a cracked free version of the game while the  Official App is a paid one. It becomes way much easier to beat your opponent and get ahead in the race with the mod app. Some of the interesting details about the mod APK file are: 

  • Its version is 4.8.5
  • Its developer and publisher is Miniclip
  • Operating System needed to support mod APK is Android 4.1 or above
  • Its size is 60 MB
  • The number of downloads is 500,000,000+
  • Last updated on 5th April 2020

It’s Features and Hacks to Use

 1. Practice Mode: The mod APK helps you have a practice space so that you can practice and polish your skills. This makes you familiar with the game and hence, helps you compete well with your opponents in order to win the game in various tournaments. 

2. Playing with your friends: here, good news for you all, you can now connect with your friends and compete with them. Yes exactly, the mod APK allows you to link your social accounts like Facebook and challenge them. All you gotta do is log in to your Facebook through the mod and join the battles with your friends and family. 

3. New Locations: continuously playing and winning the tournaments and challenges will lead you to unlock some new and exciting locations to play against your opponents which will get you even more excited. 

4. Unlimited Money: The mod apk is already the cracked file so, it already comes with unlimited cash filled in your account .

5. Ad-free: The mod apk comes without ad interruption, so that you can have a great gaming experience.  

6. Unlimited Coins: in the  original version of the 8 ball pool game, you need to buy the coins, however, in the mod apk you’ll be getting unlimited access to the free coins. 

7. Entering any tournament: entering any tournament is now made way much easier with mod APK. Because unlike the official game, the mod APK doesn’t charge you to enter a tournament and finish it. In addition to this, mod APK contains the XP Hack as well. 

9. Aiming Size: the aiming is resizable 1-10, enabling you to perfectly aim in the gameplay.

In addition to all the above features and hacks available in the 8 ball pool mod APK, it is important to note that it requires no root access to your android device.    

Is it safe or not?


Trust me readers on this, the 8 ball pool mod APK  is totally secured. However, it’s your duty to recheck the site you are downloading your APK files from. The link I’ll be providing completely secured. So, go ahead click on the download link, without any hesitation.   

How to Download 8 Ball Pool Mod APK And Get it Installed on Android

Downloading tips:

Step 1: Download the mod APK, by clicking on the link provided. 


Step 2: Change the permission settings of your android mobile phone and allow installation from “unknown sources.”

Step 3: Follow the instructions inside, one-by-one and click on the install button to allow installation process.

Step 4: Once the installation is done refresh your phone and open the application, by clicking on the icon of the game.

Step 5: So, there you go!! The game starts. Enjoy. 

Installation tips:

Often it happens, when you are a new player, that you need to fill up a few credentials before starting off with the game. So, here they are. Just read on to find out, what is it: 

  • The first thing to do to open the game, after once it is successfully installed.
  • Login to your ID ( for any safety reason use guest ID)
  • Let the full game open.    
  • Select the MOD avatar
  • Once clicked on the mod avatar various hacks are now visible which can be activated for your 8 Ball Pool
  • Select and activate the desired hack you want
  • Let it be activated
  • Cool, once you are done with the activation part. There you go, enjoy your all new 8 ball pool with several new and easily accessible features. 

I hope, you are able to successfully access and enjoy your free 8 ball pool APK on your Android devices. Keep following our blog/ site for more such hacks and free accesses.

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