Install Clash Royale Unlimited Gems APK File Free Download

Get your Clash Royale unlimited gems APK file free download today! Are you one of those crazy action/ adventure gaming freaks? Then surely you must be looking out for the clash royale unlimited gems APK file, free download. If so then I must say you are just in the correct place! In this post today, I shall be talking about how you can get your free clash royale with unlimited gems. Read the full article to know about the features of the mod APK and steps on how to download and install the free clash royale into your android devices.  

Topics included in this article:

  • What’s clash royale mod apk
  • Its features
  • Tips and hacks
  • How to download Clash Royale mod apk and get it installed on Android

Clash Royale is such a popular adventurous video games that it needs no introduction or any definition.  In fact I think that it is one of the most amazing games that you’ll ever have played to collect your coins, and explore the great combination of the tower defense with multiplayer online battle arena and the card game. It made its global  release on 2nd of March in the year 2016. Its developer and publisher is Supercell. Since, the fact that clash royale is so widely played, there are several skilled player who are way much experienced than you, so the competition really gets hard. Don’t worry, i got you the mod clash royale apk, where you can get unlimited access to gems and gold. Also, if you are good enough, you may even unlock all the cards and get and unlimited access to use them as many times as you want in the battle. I believe you’ll soon become one of the awesome players in a while. Moreover, you also don’t have to worry if your  account gets banned, because the link I’m adding below is one of the most reliable one.

What’s Clash Royale MOD APK

As we all know that a mod apk is just the cracked version of the actual software. So, yes the clash royale mod apk basically got all the features same as the Official clash royale with the only difference that the mod apk is a cracked free version of clash royale while the  Official Premium clash royale App is a paid one. 

Don’t worry the link that i shall be providing is completely trusted, and won’t add any trojan horse or other malwares to your android devices. 

Its Features

Well, i know that you must be wondering about how’s the mod apk different as far as the features of the application is concerned. For that i’ll be listing below all the features of this mod apk. So read on to find out what’s that!!

  • You can get unlimited Gold 
  • You can get unlimited Gems
  • You can get unlimited Elixirs
  • You can now unlock all the cards, in a much easier way.
  • It’s absolutely Free 
  • Completely Safe, and fraud free.
  • It is compatible with all the versions of Android
  • Easily installable.
  • It gets auto updated
  • Don’t have to root your Android device. 


  1. Name Application: Clash Royale mod APK
  2.  Supporting OS: Android 
  3. Feature Of mod apk: unlimited access to gold and gems, unlock all the cards
  4.  Size: 107 MB 
  5. Version: 3.3.0
  6.  Category - real time strategy
  7.  No root needed. 
  8. Price - nil 

Tips And Hacks

How crazy are you about  “Clash Royale”? So, do you merely wanna be a player or you actually wanna make some achievements in this sooo very popular game? 

I guess you definitely wanna become a champion, right. If so then follow the hacks I’m going to say today.

  • Chests

We all know that in this game there are 3 types of chests viz. free chest, reward chests, and crown chest. Now, the reward chest is of following types: 

Wooden- These wooden chests of the reward chests exist in the first camp only and then automatically disappears.  

Silver - needs 3 hours to revive. 

Gold - needs 8 hours to revive.

Magical - needs 12 hours to revive. 

Super magical - needs minimum 1 day or 24 hours to revive. 

Moreover, as mentioned above each chest has got a timer of its own, thus it opens at a particular time only. Also, it’s important to note that once the chests are filled up, then you are not able to collect the other chests. However, all the reward chests can be instantly revived by using the gems only. Well, I know that the players ain’t that patient to wait for the chests to get revived automatically, and so for that, I got the mod apk using which you can have unlimited access to golds and gems, using them you can easily avail any chest at any time.  

  • Gems

Gems are the heart of this game, yes you heard it right. Without gems you can’t survive in this strategy game. This is because the gems allow you to instantly unlock all the chest in the game. If you wanna collect gems at the easiest possible way then simply go to the crown chest or the free chest. However, in the mod apk you’ll get unlimited gems without putting any effort.        

  • Gold 

Gold is the very important  part of this game as it is used to upgrade your troops in the game to a higher level. In addition to these you also got cards using which you are able to purchase gold from the shop. But, if you want unlimited Gold as the easiest way possible then simply download the Clash Royale mod apk, as it comes with  thousands of golds and free access to cards. 

How to Download Clash Royale MOD APK And Get it Installed on Android

The easiest part of all is the downloading mod apk file process and getting it installed. C’mon i’ll provide you the link don’t worry!! All you gotta do is simply follow the steps listed below step by step:

  1. Click the link below. Link: https://androidhackers.io/download-clash-royale-mod-apk/
  2. The downloading might take a while, however the downloading speed depends on your network connectivity.
  3. Once downloaded, open it
  4. Allow the permission, to install from unknown sources.
  5. Follow the same installation procedure as is done for any other apk files.
  6. Read the instructions inside carefully and follow them. 
  7. Once Clash Royale Mod Apk file is installed on the Android device
  8. Start the game and Enjoy your new adventurous journey to the next level.

I hope, you are able to successfully access and enjoy your free clash royale unlimited gems apk file on Android. Keep following our blog/ site for more such hacks and free accesses.

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