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    Elements That Make a Guest Post Compelling For Readers

    If you take a site that has more traffic, and more readers, then you, you go to that site, and you say, hey, I’d like to write something that I think your readers would love. And at the very end of that, you might say XYZ is a writer who focuses on entrepreneurship, click here to learn more. The people who read that thing, assuming they like what you have to say, some of them are going to click through, they’re going to go to your site, they’re going to check-in for your email list. And suddenly, you have a brand-new channel of all kinds of subscribers. That’s exactly how you grow your business. So you can do this too, here are a few strategies that I would recommend making this work for you.

    1. Make a Unique Headline

    Imagine that you’re browsing the newly published books in a bookstore. You don’t have enough time to stop looking at every single book. Most definitely, you’re just going to pick up a book if it has an interesting title and cover design. The same applies to blog entries.

    Once you’ve come up with a headline, you can also pick a lead photo for your blog post that highlights your headline in some way. This is the picture that will appear when your post is posted on social media, so make sure it’s eye-catching.

    2. Open With Suspense and Curious Intro

    In the first part, you get your reader’s attention with a memorable story or fact, or question. You’re expected to set up a dilemma that faces the reader. Address the reader directly to the issue. For example, “Does it ever desire there’s just not enough hours within the day to try to do what you want to do?

    3. Make the Post Very Simple and Easy to Read

    Even if you’re writing a beautifully compelling or extremely helpful post, people may still not stick around to read. Most people look at a post quickly to see how long it’s going to be. Others are wary of clicking bait, not wanting to spend their time in anything that isn’t going to help them.

    4. Finish With a Call of Action

    You’ve been taking your reader on an exciting journey. Now, what is he going to do with the knowledge he’s just learned? Give a title to the last part about all recalling of the whole article.

    Next, send your reader a direct call for action to be taken. You can advise them to take the steps they’ve read about in your post (stress the hazards if they don’t take action).

    Finally, you’ve got a chance to develop a friendship with your reader.

    These are some elements you should use while writing a guest post for getting more readers to your article. If you’re going to a site with a lot of readers that you want to bring to your site, give them the best you have.

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