How to Install PUBG Mods APK Which Works in 2020

Get Your PUBG Mobile Mod APK v1.0.0 Free Today!!

Hey, die-hard fan, PUBG lovers, ain’t you guys missing your favorite PUBG? Don’t worry I got you a hidden gift for you all, guess what might be it? Yes, exactly I got the PUBG mobile mod APK which will give you a true 3-D game environment so that you don’t miss your favorite shooting game anymore, and also you can continue to kill your opponents. 

Topics included in this article:

  • What’s PUBG mobile mod APK
  • What’s New In PUBG Mobile v1.0.0
  • Its features
  • Is it safe or not?
  • Will it ban your actual PUBG account? 
  • How to download PUBG pool mod APK and get it installed on Android phones. 

The best battle royale game for around the past two consecutive years is PUBG- (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS). It is one of the most popular action video gaming series and is a record to receive the highest number of downloads and best ratings. At present, the game has got more than 100M downloads on the google play store, and there are over 30M active users who play PUBG Mobile on a daily basis. Tracing back the history of the game, it was first developed and released by PUBG Corporation in the year 2017, on 20th December. 

It’s important to note that the game was originally designed for only windows devices. However, in the year 2018, on 19th March it made its official release on the android device also. 

What’s PUBG Mobile Mod APK

Now it’s well known that although the PUBG Mobile is a free-2-play game, yet it’s not always just to play in case of PUBG but also win it. So, for that, you need some extra things such as quality guns, highly defined aim, gun skins, costumes, and vehicle skins, etc but these are not available for free,  you need to pay for them by spending your UC. If you are a professional PUBG PC or Mobile player, then these are the crucial things you need to have in your game inventory.

Ahhhaann!! Don’t worry I got you the PUBG mobile mod APK with which you can simply play and win your chicken dinner, with the minimum efforts. All you gotta do is simply download and install our mod APK and play as you do in the regular PUBG mobile versions, rest all the premium features are already available in the mod for free.  

What’s New In PUBG Mobile v1.0.0

This version comes with the following 3 exclusive features: 

  1. Erangle 1.0
  2. Already added SMG p90 and Rifle MK12
  3. All new monster truck, filled. 

Its Features

  • You’ll get unlimited UC
  • Get different maps to enjoy your battle win it
  • High-quality sound, which lets you experience real-life gun-sound
  • You can now play the mod game in FPP mode
  • You can unlock any vehicle skin of your choice 
  • You can open the premium creates without paying a single cent 
  • You can win each and every game/ tournament you wanna play. 

Is it Safe or Not?


Trust me readers on this, the PUBG mod APK  is totally secured. However, it’s your duty to recheck the site you are downloading your APK files from. The link I’ll be providing completely secured. So, go ahead click on the download link, without any hesitation.   

Will it Ban Your Actual PUBG Account? 

Yes, if playing on the mod APK is detected by the official server of PUBG cooperation, then this might lead to the banding of your account, as PUBG is a server-based gameBecause of the fact that PUBGis server-based, any activity performed in the game is auto-synced with the server. 

 Since the developers of the game constantly work to maintain the software perfectly, they obviously make sure that there aren’t any bugs or other suspicious activities, if detected they simply ban the account of that user. So, as a piece of advice I would say that if you are a professional PUBG mobile player, you better don’t use this mod APK or any other hacks. As these may lead your account to be banned for ten years and also you’ll lose all the achievements you made so far. Furthermore, if you are using this mod APK, please play it in the guest mode only. 

How to Download 8 Ball Pool Mod APK and Get it Installed on Android

Step 1: Click on the Download link given below. You’ll be now redirected to the download page.


Step 2: Click on the ‘Start Download’ button, available in the page. Downloading starts in a few seconds.

Step 3: One important thing to be noted is that, both the PUBG Mobile mod apk and Obb file, is to be downloaded.

Step 4: Once the downloading of both files is completed, open the file manager and install the OBB file first and then install the PUBG Mobile apk.

Step 5: However, the OBB zip file is to be extracted first and then copy it in android/obb/com.tencent.ig/ folder.

Step 6: Once the installation is done, refresh your phone then start the game.

Note: You need to first uninstall any previous version of PUBG Mobile you have in your mobile. Else, this mod apk won’t get installed. Also, do not  log in to the game with your original PUBG ID, as this may even lead to banning of your account.

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