Know the Importance of Maritime Security

Maritime security is a unique and popular word that is familiar up to the international level. It is a vital factor that has to do with occupational safety for the maritime industry.

We are aware of the danger of dealing with ships in open water within or outside the country. As a result, maritime security is set up to not just protect the personnel but to ensure the onboard safe work practice of this person as well as their working equipment daily.

At GIANTECH, we have taken a closer look at maritime security to know the importance of securing working personnel and why it is vital to have a safety team in this field. However, we have to define what maritime security is before we state its importance.

Definition of Maritime Security?

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Based on our findings, people regard maritime security as a vague concept. The reason is that there is no international consensus that clearly states what maritime security is all about. Despite this fact, every country across the globe has picked a keen interest in maritime security.

Also, maritime security is not a single action or entity, as it does function on its own. It is made up of different maritime concerns such as the safety of sailors and port security. The maritime security team is designed to meet some functions while sailing on the water.

On one hand, their function is to prevent the smuggling of water through the sea, while on the other hand, their function is to stand against piracy on the sea. They can even function to prevent the onboard hacking of ships as these ships are sometimes hacked just like any other computer.

By meeting this job function, they are called the onboard cybersecurity team.

The Four Nexus Concerns of the Maritime Security

Generally, maritime security comprises of four different concerns namely:

  1. The National Security.
  2. Human Security.
  3. The Maritime Environment.
  4. The Economic Environment.

Within these four varying concerns are concerns such as marine safety, blue economy, resilience, and sea power respectively. All these concerns have their function and description. For example, marine safety is designed to encompass climatic changes and accidents, while sea power includes arms proliferation and inter-state disputes amongst many others.

Maritime Security Threats

Now that we have established that maritime security is a diverse and broad concept, it simply implies that maritime security has broad threats as well. Too many to mention if we begin to look at all the concerns. Hence, we will highlight the common threats noticeable in port security.

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These common threats relating to maritime security include; Smuggling, Piracy, environmental disasters, attacks by terrorists, illegal immigration and stowage, protecting or safeguarding of ships in places of conflicts, and so on.

Also, maritime security is referred to as the security of U.S waterways. This security of U.s waterways is also known as maritime domain awareness or MDA. They function for the effective understanding of everything that relates to the maritime domain that might affect the environment, security, safety, or even the economy of the United States.

Essentials of Maritime Security

The essence of maritime security cannot be overemphasized as it helps to protect an essential element of the economy of any country. In our findings, the shipping industry is regarded as the engine of the global economy as it contributes up to $183.3 billion in gross direct output and creates about 4.2 million jobs every year.

Without maritime security, the open seas would be a dangerous or wild environment. So many economies globally would be handicapped. Also, there won’t be any job creation for this purpose, and the shipping industry will find it difficult to function in its full capacity.

How to Aid Maritime Safety and Security in your Country

For any country to improve its safety on the sea, this first thing to put in place is that maritime security. By doing so, it means that the maritime safety team’s primary responsibility amongst others is security on the sea.

As a result, we are here to help you stay on track with those responsibilities, no matter how busy your shipyard becomes or where your ship sails. We have maritime software that is uniquely designed in helping you adapt to the biggest challenges that you might face in the shipping industry.


Maritime security is vital for the economic growth of any country. Knowing that it annually creates a job at the same time brings growth to the economy is enough reasons to set up a maritime safety team.

We will keep on updating you with the importance as well as the benefits of the maritime industry through our research and findings so we hope that you stay in touch through our site visits. Giantech is always at your service.

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