Top 10 Platforms For Online Courses

The demand for e-learning and online courses is growing and is expected to cross 325 billion dollars by 2025. This sector is undergoing tremendous growth with the acceleration of online learning due to social distance. You can easily learn online today with Aventis.

Thinkific Online Courses:

The mission of Thinkific is to empower your kingdom of education. They deliver a comprehensive interface, a range of user-friendly features, email marketing tools, incorporation of subscription pages for your courses and fantastic 24/7 customer service.

It is my first preference, and it is literally the only site that you need to build and sell your courses online. Next, you should sign up for the most famous one-month free trial package. This package allows you to build unlimited courses if you want to offer additional courses from the outset. It also has memberships, advanced pricing options, landing pages, marketing software and certificates.


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Learnworlds is in the future of eLearning and has everything you need to make, sell and engage your students. Learnworlds is a fantastic builder of online training and my absolute number 2 pick. It is better for developers of courses that want an immersive environment of course and student interaction. Learnworlds isn’t for you if you’re looking for a free choice.

Yet Learnworlds is the perfect option if you want to create an immersive learning environment with questionnaires, experiments and engaging elements.


My # 3 e-learning programme is teachable. You are entering another 22,000 teachers to create outstanding instructional platforms for their students by developing an account.

The online course portal is available for free for all purchases of $1 + $0.10 or for a plan of between $29 / month and $299 / month. The portal is available for free. I suggest their most famous $119 a month Pro Package, which is the only one with zero transaction fees. It also provides classified exams, personalised completion certificates, sophisticated modification of websites and support for up to five admin users. You can upload your content, change your online look and connect with your students – without any special web hosting. It is very easy to download.


Kajabi is a versatile course creator for profound courses. It provides efficient web sites, comprehensive automation of email Marketing, upsells and digital goods, flexible review and blogging capabilities. Their deals are a little pricey, starting at $119 per month with an annual discount of 20 per cent. But, as more than 16000 corporations trust and have managed over $675 million across their website, they also know what they are doing.

You have a one-site website, three goods, three pipelines, unrestricted landing pages and unrestricted commercial communications for up to 1,000 users and 10,000 contacts in your $119 simple package. You can select a particular schedule depending on your desires, by using the higher planes to improve your web pages, goods, pipelines and contacts.


LearnDash is an impressive WordPress integrated online course site. LearnDash is a huge website that includes Yoast, Infusionsoft, Michigan University and WP Elevation. The concentration mode, which blocks all distractions when you are taking courses, is one of its initial helpful features.

With their email drop promotions, LearnDash’s full-service course designer fits well. You can create a perfect online course and fit your material to a curriculum drip curriculum via e-mail.


Podia can build, host, and sell their lessons on an easy-to-use website for more than 11,000 users. There are no processing costs, and the course website has a clear three-stage process in no time. While their payment providers do not charge commissions, they have 2.9% + 30 ÂŁprocessing fees. Additional features include the possibility of incorporating discounts and adhesions, pre-start courses, incorporating sales pages and using ‘drip’ courses. This function helps students to view each part of the course at a time so that they can learn in the best structure.


With its research platform, PDF and text in minutes, Ruzuku helps you to create a step-by - step online course. In no time, you can rapidly build course plans. Edit and reorganise your steps easily. To accept payments and not charge processing fees, Ruzuku connects with such tools as MailChimp, Infusionsoft and payment gateways as Stripe and PayPal. They are recognised for their ideal culture as well. You don’t buy an educational product when you join Ruzuku; you join a team to support your students.

Academy of mine:

Academy of Mine is a high-end eLearning platform based on customer success and personalization philosophy. The basic feature of every package is free development hours so that personalised integrations will set up and start your courses. One of their aims is not just to help you get started. They will want their targeting software and insights dashboards to help you sell your course.

Udemy Online Courses:

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With more than 24 million students, 35,000 teachers, and over 80,000 classes, Udemy is one of the largest educational platform markets. The first move to Udemy is to register for a premium trainer.

Shaw Academy:

Shaw Academy is a forum for technical, certified online courses that allow its students access. Many of their long-term lessons are registered with Shaw Academy by students.

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