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Vetcove is an online commercial website, where the products available related to veterinary hospitals like pharmaceuticals, biologics, equipment, and supplies from all of their veterinary vendors. It enables them to compare prices, stock and promotions from different suppliers. It is like Trivago where you will get the different prices of products from different suppliers. 

Vetcove was launched by two brothers in 2015. They have 1000s of clinics who log in to do their purchasing every week across 50 states. The clinics or hospital includes, small animal hospital, cat exclusive, exotic animal hospital, marine animals, equine practices. They also have ties with organizations like zoo’s, aquariums, circus animals and academic teaching hospitals.

They give all their services for free as their website mentions it “keep it free” commitment so that no organizations and veterinary vendors will be unable to use their platform. Their priority is to promote the veterinary profession to grow and expand their services. They promise to show much data and unbiased product information as much as possible which is legal and ethical to show or process. As long as the hospitals and clinics and veterinary vendors are reasonably using and buying the product and making use of it as medicine in the future, the vetcove won’t exclude any of them from their catalog for any reason. Also, vetcove won’t remove any of suppliers until and unless there is a court order. The product in their website is ranked and reviewed fairly.

They don’t discriminate between popular manufactures and small manufacturers. They say “pat to play not pay to win”. Which is the best thing about their platform so that everyone can participate and see a fair race. They analyze their product reviews in which the remove the non-authorised account review. You will always see true and real account reviews. If there is some fault or issue with products or manufacturers, they will discuss it and encourage doing better. They say that they will keep suppliers data responsibly, they will never share with any other third person including personal details and pricing related details. 

How to use Vetcove?

Just go to search and search for an item you would normally buy. You can see which vendor has an item in stock as green and not in stock as orange color. You will see different prices of your clinic’s price too even if you are from a buying group. They also show you, your previous purchases or orders, active promotions, alternative options and community insights. Just click the vendor you might like to shop and click on the add to cart button. You can even see purchase analytics for your practice to help you order smarter. It saves your time and money researching the products on different websites. Join thousands of veterinary practices and nonprofits that use vetcove to make inventory incredibly easy and get back to focusing on what’s really important is your patients (animals). The practice is for free and starts free in 60 seconds.

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