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c&j energy services, a leading provider of premium hydraulic fracturing, coil tubing, and pressure, pumping services for the oil and gas industry. they focus on complex and technically demanding well completions and challenging resource bases, where they can apply their expertise to deliver superior results. cj energy services offers an attractive four point value proposition that leads to enhanced economics for their customers.

Superior customer service of C&J energy services

c&j energy services prides itself for its extraordinary 

customer service,

operational efficiencies, and 

Technical expertise. 

They  provide a highly customized job design approach on a well by well basis, allowing for FLEXIBILITY and COLLABORATION at every level of the project, and providing SUPERIOR EXECUTION and results, which we believe their value adds to their customers.

Exceptional execution

They give exceptional execusion through extensive front end technical analysis and planning, were able to deliver highly customized solutions to meet the challenges of any given well. Their design engineers and job supervisors are involved throughout the job execution and strive to achieve optimal efficiency on every project. they also maintain performance data that is used to supplement and increase effectiveness of future projects.

Safety record and reputation

Their safety reputation has allowed them to earn work certification from several industry leaders that they believe have some of the most demanding safety requirements, including conocophillips, Exxon Mobil Corporation, and Royal Dutch Shell. As a testament to strong emphasis on safety training and protocols,  safety record has been maintained. While they’ve more than doubled their employee base in less than a year. they utilize safe and environmentally responsible technology. And their goal is to continue to develop products and services that will enable customers to safely and efficiently maximize the recovery of oil and gas

Hydraulic fracturing services

Hydraulic fracturing is crucial in the development of these sources, and C and j Energy Services has everything you need to maximize your well development hydraulic fracturing services. Customers utilize premium hydraulic fracturing services to enhance the production of oil and natural gas from formations with low permeability, which restricts the natural flow of hydrocarbons. They seek to differentiate services from those of their competitors are providing customized solutions for their customers most challenging well completions through extensive front end technical analysis and close coordination with their customers. On site design engineers configure and execute jobs on a well by well basis, as opposed to a regional approach and implement targeted pumping configurations to better meet the challenges of a given well, which results in less redundant pumping capacity and higher efficiency overall.

Coiled tubing services

Coil tubing services are used to perform various functions associated with well servicing operations and to facilitate completion. They believe coiled tubing has become a preferred method of well completion work over and maintenance projects due to speed ability to handle heavy-duty jobs across a wide spectrum of pressure environments, safety and ability to perform services without having to shut in a well.

Pressure pumping services

Pressure pumping services include well injection, cased pulled testing, work over pumping mud displacement, wire line pump downs and pumping down coil tubing. These services are used primarily in connection with completing new wells and remedial and production enhancement work on existing wells. Pressure pumping services often provide us with advanced knowledge of a customer’s need.

Contacts, Location - C&J energy services

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Go to c& To learn more about the premium services, C and j Energy Services has offered  C and j energy services a premium service provider to the oil and gas industry with a proven history of success.

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