Do you Know the Reason Behind Guillermo’s Fame

Guillermo Rodriguez, born on January 27th, 1971, is a Mexican American. He is more commonly known as Guillermo. Moreover,  he is a famous television personality and comedian. It is a rough guess that Guillermo Rodriguez is worth $70 million now, as in 2020. Amazing, isn’t it?

Keep reading to know more about Guillermo and his fame.

Guillermo’s Career 


Guillermo became a permanent night cast member on Jimmy Kimmel’s Life after his comedy segment performance in the show. Moreover, he makes a mockery of entertainment shows featured widely on television. Besides this, Guillermo has appeared in many films like Rock Slyde, Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 2, etc. 

Rodriguez has also interviewed famous celebrities using his humorous interplay. Moreover, he mostly appears at the NBA finals for players’ interviews. Furthermore, his signature segment is the one from Hollywood roundup, in which he is dressing like a cowboy. 

Besides this, he took over interviewing duties of the red carpet in 2011 from the “Late Uncle Potenza”. The main reason behind Guillermo’s fame is his appearance in Jimmy Kimmel’s Live. He is famous because of his performance with broken English and likeability. 

Reason Behind Guillermo’s Fame

Guillermo got fame while working as a parking lot security guard at the Hollywood Boulevard studios. After that, he showed his skill on the screen amazingly. Now,  he has served the main and side roles in many films.



Guillermo Rodriguez is a famous Hollywood comedian and actor. Many say that he is the cousin of Jimmy Kimmel but Nah! He is there all because of his own efforts and humor. Moreover, Guillermo does various skits now. But, when he started at the late-night show he was known as “ Hollywood Roundup”. 

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