What are the Famous Programs of Cuevana?

Cuevana is the website of Argentine that offers movies and television content in original languages along with Spanish subtitles. The site was created in October 2009.  Due to the efforts of programmers, in 2011, it was one of the 20 most visited websites in Argentina with about half a million views per day.

How Does Cuevana Work?

Cuevana operates as a connecting hub. Do you know why? This uses a plugin for permitting users to stream content. And yes, it not only claims to store files itself but it also makes it easy to reach content through linking with external online storage.

Furthermore on 14 august 2014, Cuevana.tv speeded the software, which was named as Cuevana Storm. Thus this was actually like popcorn time. The best part is that it lets the downloader immediately watch a movie while simultaneously letting others upload it.

Famous Shows of Cuevana

cuevana famous shows
Image Source: unsplash.com

No doubt, the site is a citadel of all latest movies, shows, dramas and cartoon films. Hence, you can look for your favorite show and genres here. 

Here is a list of some top shows of the site:

  • Westworld - series
  • The Walking Dead - series
  • Bliss - movie
  • Artik - movie
  • Vivarium - movie
  • Onward: animated movie
  • Sonic: The film - animated movie
  • Better Call Saul - series
  • Villanos- movie


In this 21st century, you can’t deny that you love watching movies and series. No doubt, we all enjoy and manage time from our busy schedule for watching it. So, just stop wasting your time and download the app of Cuevana now. Hurry up, enjoy the latest movies along with subtitles.

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