TextSheet Alternative – 100% Working Alternative 2020

TEXTSHEET was one such acclaimed study website portal that used to offer the right responses for questions solicited by the students from both schools and universities.

Today online learning platforms have become a crucial part of our lives.

No matter whether you are a school or college student, online learning is something we all are into now.


Textsheet was an online learning platform that helped students get answers to questions posted in their curse material.

For students this tool was considered as a life safer as it gave them insights into various tricky subjects.

All they had to do was to enter a URL for a particular course, or search their questions through a search option.

With such open-source packed features, TEXTSHEET soon became popular and hit among campuses and a key feature in project assignments and homework assignments.


Students learning on online study portal TextSheet

With no time, the textsheet became a huge hit among students with millions looking to access this platform on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, its popularity took it to a demise. With increasing numbers of users signing up daily, it wasn’t long before the site caught up the eye of the authorities and a formal complaint was filed on the basis of copyright infringement.

No doubt the demise of the sight left thousands of students helpless.

Although the service of the site was free but it did skip a number of legal hurdles quite blatantly.

For example, copyright infringement and data theft made it an excellent platform for users looking to complete their work assignments and homework without having to pay a penny.

As the saying says “ all good things come at a cost”. Textsheet was soon brightened after a no. of online platforms filed lawsuits against it.

Today the great platform is not available.


Here is the list of all top-rated platforms which are equally good in having study materials and solutions Just like TEXTSHEET :-

1.    SLADER

It’s a free instructive site upheld by a large number of understudies and benefactors from the whole way across the globe. It is particularly mainstream among US students on the grounds that their substances are for the most part dependent on US Syllabus Pattern.

It is free of cost , has complete solutions of every subject, a dynamic site with search options.

The free version has ads and the paid version is ad free.


It is one of the greatest alternatives for a textsheet. It also provides different types of solved assignments and homework to the students and tutors across the globe.

You can also find different types of papers , solutions , and other documents once you sign up on the Studylib website.

It is a free of cost website which provides you with material of almost every subject. You can also upload your documents here and can also download solutions.

In the website login is required.


It is one of the textsheet alternatives which has over 30 million course-specific resources for study. Mostly the study resources are shared by the students, tutors, and community of educators.

Here you’ll find practice issues, study guides, chronicles, class notes, and a tiny bit at a time explanation for each subject you’re thinking about – from money-related viewpoints to composing, history to science, accounting to mind science, and whatnot.

It is also a free of cost website with research papers available . It covers specific courses for college . You can also upload your document and get paid as well.

The only drawback here is it is an overcrowded site with a bulk of information.

4.    CHEGG

Chegg has a lot of things to offer at a limited quantity of cost we go wherever in the book shop. It gives you a tiny bit of a time explanation for practically every issue.

There are math question solvers available, You can buy or rent books , see online courses ,  have sample research papers .

It is paid service with monthly subscription and friendly tutors.


It has different types of sources for the students such as solution manuals to access millions of detailed, step-wise textbook solutions manuals for a variety of academic disciplines instantly.

Homework and Q&A to access millions of explanatory course-specific Q&A instantly. You can also post your queries on the site .


One of the largest learning platforms for students for higher studies. They mostly focus on competitive exams, subject solutions.

They have online lessons and specialized courses on cracking various competitive examinations. They are also making courses and solutions in every possible topic in multiple languages so it can benefit children across the globe.

They also offer free online classes on their youtube channel with experts and top educators over different subjects.

7.    BYJUS

It is one of the top-rated sites for online learning nowadays. They have study materials for children starting from kids to school and from college or universities to different top-rated competitive exams.

Unlike UNACADEMY , Byjus is more focused on school students. They have a unique and creative style of teaching students using different characters and engaging videos.

ON CONCLUDING the TextSheet Alternatives

Having one site shut down does not mean the end of online learning platforms.

We have listed all the best alternatives that you can see if you are looking for an online learning platform. Each alternative offers a different set of features and unique proportion with no investment.

At last it is up to you whether the small investment is worthy or not. So decide carefully.

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