Why is Student Loan Necessary For You?

The student loan is a type of loan, which was introduced for helping students. The aim of introducing such types of loans was to make it easy for the students to pay fees for Post-secondary education. It may also involve other associated fees, which are the basic necessities of students like tuition, book, and other suppliers. 

Generally, these loans circulate in the market through the Premier student loan center.  Hence the rules and regulations of it are different in different countries. These loans must be repaid in a given specific duration, in comparison to the other forms of financial aid such as scholarships, which are never repaid. 

Premier Student Loan Center Facebook

Premier student loan center Facebook is a customer-focused organization. They help those students who face loan debt to enroll in a government program. Thus those students may organize a new debt repayment schedule to assist them with the same. Fortunately, the best part is that the loan center has a very simple and uncomplicated process that begins with an initial consultation.

Advantages of Students Loans

  • Low rates and fees
  • You don’t need to have good credit
  • You don’t need a co-signer
  • More time to pause payments
  • Less interest on subsidized loans
  • Access to income-driven repayment
  • More time before a student loan default
  • You don’t need good credit to consolidate
  • More forgiveness options
  • Guaranteed loan cancellation if you die
  • Effective in boosting the economy of the country
  • Starting a new job gets easy

Classification Of Loan

The three categories of student loans are federal, private and refinance loans.

  • Federal student loans

The federal government offers these loans and the Assembly sets the interest rate each year. This is very useful and protective. For instance, you get the ability to clinch the payments to income when you graduate or get loans pardoned if you work in a public sector.

There are several types of federal loans.

  • Need-based Loans Or Subsidized Federal Loans

Students who belong to poor backgrounds cannot afford higher studies. But those students promise to return in the future and are eligible for need-based loans. These loans are free from interest. Students can apply all the time to it. 

The government announces a specified limit and this can increase each year. Luckily this means that the students can withdraw more money every year from their college than the previous one.

  • Unsubsidized Federal Loans

This is not a need-based loan. So this usually takes a long duration of time. Under this, the interest is mandatory for the borrower from the start of the loan. However, in some cases, students can postpone interest payments for a certain time period. 

Moreover, these types of loans carry a low rate of interest and are best for a student, who requires other financial aids. Furthermore, these loans are also helpful for those who are suffering from financial crises.

  • Federal Plus Loans

Students who are enrolled in undergraduate programs are eligible for such loans. On the basis of the proper attendance of students and their personal credit history, parents get loans. It is similar to need-based loans. Furthermore, this loan also has low interest and repayment scheduled within 60 to 90 days after the completion of the course.

  • Direct Consolidation Loans

This is a sort of facility, not a loan. As the name suggests, it allows graduates to pool certain loans into a single loan. It means that the student has to make just one monthly payment. Moreover, it can help in lowering the monthly liability as well as by extending the loan to more years.

  • Parent Plus Loans 

Such type of loan is for biological, adopted, and stepparents to support an undergraduate student who is dependent on them. Therefore, it is different from other loans. In this situation, the government expects parents to make the payment until the child is studying in school.

  • Federal Perkins Loans

These loans are no longer available. However, these loans were the best loans for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Whereas it was given on the basis of extreme financial need and their interest rate was also very low.

  • Private Student Loans

Private organizations like banks and other financial institutions provide private loans to students. When you apply for private loans, the lender will see proof that whether you can repay it or not. 

A co-signer can help you apply, that person will be responsible for the loan if you can’t pay it back. The rates of interest are comparatively higher on these loans. Therefore, such a loan is suitable for those confident students who hold the capability of repaying even with the high-interest rate.

  • Student Loan Refinancing

After graduating and showing responsible payment history, you may be able to refinance student loans. In other words, a private lender pays off your loans and gives you a new repayment schedule along with a lower interest rate.

Similar to consolidation loans, private lenders offer a choice to combine different types of student loans. This means federal loans and private loans combined into one loan. But sadly such type of consolidation expands the repayment term and can increase the cost. 

The benefit of refinancing is the lower interest rate that automatically converts into saving. But, a borrower will need a booming credit score and a stable income to attain a lower interest rate.


Today, almost all public and private banks offer different types of student loans. They are running educational finance schemes for higher studies of students in international universities. Any student can utilize these loans on easy terms and conditions. 

Once the student shows that he/she has secured admission to any nominated university or college or school then all banks will be more than happy to provide loans to the students for studies. Spending on a person, whose future is bright is definitely a very good decision for the bank. No doubt that an educated citizen will provide a good return to the bank. 

On the other hand, student loans are a blessing for students. Therefore, Premier student loan center Facebook helps you achieve your targets. 

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