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Hello,  Binge- Watchers, well I know that you are all excited to know about how to download youtube premium free apk? Enjoy your favorite series/ movies/ shows all your weekend. So here is an article of your interest, read this full article to find that most desired link along with some tips on how to use it!!

Topics included in this article:

  • What is actually YouTube Premium Mod APK ?
  • Is YouTube Vanced Safe or not?
  • Link from where to download without getting your device infected.
  • Tips on how to Install it and use it!!

YouTube, is such a famous platform that it needs no introduction. Everyone is aware of it and uses it more than 3-4 times per day. Yet, I’ll trace back its history a bit.

YouTube, was actually an American online video sharing platform developed/ created long back in 2005. However, understanding the potentiality of this platform Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion. So, consequently YouTube now operates as one of Google’s several services.

What is Actually YouTube Premium Mod APK ?

How often have you got irritated when your most interesting web series simply pause to show up an advertisement? I guess, every now and then, however you always long if YouTube was for free or maybe you had enough pocket money to pay for its subscription. But why waste your money when you got us!!!

Here, I’ll be providing you with the link get your free YouTube Vanced apk, with 24X7 Background Play and absolutely Ad-Free without paying a single penny. So simply read on!!

YouTube Vanced is exactly the same, as the Official Premium YouTube App with just the slightest difference that the mod apk is a cracked free version of YouTube while the  Official Premium YouTube App is a paid one. Excluding this, all the features offered by subscription-based YouTube same. There are several features of available in the free YouTube apk file, it provides the same core UI and App design along with powerful features like Video and Audio Downloader directly into your android device storage with multiple resolution support, so that you can enjoy the best quality audio and video right away. 

Is YouTube Vanced Safe or Not?


Trust me on this, the vanced youtube is totally secured. However, you always need to recheck the site you are downloading your apk files from. The two  links that I have listed below are trusted.

Link From Where to Download Without Getting Your Device Infected

Here you go! I am providing you two relevant sites from which you can easily download and install your youtube premium free apk. However, a pro tip is:

Always remember to install MicroG apk, before installing the Youtube Premium Mod apk file.



Tips on How to Install It and Use It

Hey, Don’t Skip this part, as it is the most important part else you would be wondering about wasting your time on how to get your apk installed on your android devices. Follow the steps mentioned below one-by-one:

  1. Click on the Link below to open the page containing the downloadable apk files. Link: https://divyanet.com/youtube-mod-apk-dl/
  2. Go through the page thoroughly and you’ll find two Download options:

Download YouTube APK & Download MicroG

Image Source: unsplash.com
  1. Click  Download YouTube Apk to download the OGYouTube apk file. The download begins in a few seconds, and will finish in a few moments. (P.S. The downloading time depends on the Internet Connectivity and Speed)
  2. Click  Download MicroG to downloadYoutube MicroG APK on the android devices. 
  3. Enable Install from Unknown Sources Setting on the android devices to allow permission. 
  4. Once the download is over, try to locate the apk files in the file manager.
  5. Always remember to install MicroG apk, before installing Youtube Premium Mod apk file. This is because, the MicroG helps the installation of Youtube Premium Mod apk file.
  6. Once the MicroG is install, next is installing the OG Youtube File to enable the Youtube Premium Mod APK.

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