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While dealing with digital marketing and content marketing on the internet, Page Speed Optimization is something very important. Always remember that if you want the best results out of digital marketing for your products and services, web page load speed forms a crucial role. You must be wondering what is it all about don’t worry, this article got it all. So just keep reading to find it out. 

Topics included in this post:

  • What is the meaning of load speed? 
  • What is the importance of website load speed?
  • How does it affect your revenue and sales? 

What is the Meaning of Load Speed? 

In simple words, it is the least time taken by the webserver to load the content of the requested website(s) on your web browser, which is the requesting software. 

What is the Importance of Website Load Speed?

How often have you had to wait for a site’s content to load? Almost never, I guess. This is because the website owners want their products and services to reach to the customers at the earliest possible. In this world of superb competition, a fraction of a second can make a big difference!!! The webpage load speed actually affects user experience, search rankings, and even promotions and conversions which in turn affects the sales and companies’ income. That’s the core reason why website load speed is so important.

How Does it Affect your Revenue and Sales?

 Following are the several ways/ methods how website load speed affect your revenue and sales.

1. Website Speed can Create the First Impression  

It is said that the first impression is the last impression and that is very true on the web. Because your customers, readers, and website visitors make an instant judgement about you and your business by simply going through your website. When your website loads fast, it automatically makes your visitors happy and creates an illusion of user-friendliness. Also, It makes a quick-win for user experience!!! It often happens that  we presume fast websites to be professional and reliable. We somehow relate speed to efficiency, trust, and confidence of a company. We have it all in our heads that if it’s fast, then  must be professional!!  

2.  Speed is Love when we Work on the Web

It is the most obvious thing that we expect high internet speed on the web and demand fast loading time. Some of us even get irritated with the slow response speed of the websites.  

Statistically, we have found that: 47% of people expect the website to load in less than 2 seconds. While, 40% will actually leave it instantly if it takes a bit longer than 3 seconds. It even gets worse when it comes to the mobile sites. About 85% of internet users usually expect a mobile site to load faster than or at least as fast as on their desktop. Furthermore, we tend to be even less patient, when we’re on the move. We want instant results! Our answers fast!

Irrespective of whether we’re on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, we all expect quick results. In the day-to-day scenario nobody actually has enough time to keep struggling after a specific site or reference. Everything is on a first come, first serve basis. If  it comes to some well-known and authority sites, say suppose it’s Google or Facebook or Amazon, people are at least willing to wait a little longer because they’re established companies providing quality services over time. Unfortunately, in case of small businesses and new startups, it’s not the same. It’s best to be as fast as possible right from its start in order to make profits.

3. User Experience

In recent times, user experience and UX design have gained immense popularity. Even I believe it’s one of the few ways that a website can really stand out in the competition. A good UX design is all about creating a fantastic and simple experience for the visitors. The two basic factors involved in a positive user experience are:

  • Providing visitors what they’re looking for
  • Providing it to them as fast as possible.

 This is the main reason why website load speed is a prime factor when it comes to user experience.

4. Slow Websites Steals the Conversions Mood 

By now I suppose you have understood the importance of web page load speed. From some tests, it has been known that slowing the speed by just a second can actually cause you to lose 10,000 potential customers.That means when slow load speed drives the potential customers away, then it definitely  drives your sales away.

   In fact, when Amazon tested this. They found that they would lose $1.6 BILLION every year if they slowed down their website load speed by just one second. Just imagine that if this happens to Amazon, which is already an established brand now, then what chance have the rest of us got?

5. The Long-term Effect on Slow Website Load Speed 

We have known that slow loading speed leads to an instant drop-off in visitors. However, there is a long-term effect here too. If we look close enough we can visualize that long loading time gradually stunts the natural growth of your  business and word-of-mouth. Customers tend to slowly stop referring your service to others because of a poor service/ experience. It might even lead the potential customers off signing up to the website. And furthermore, the established websites are more likely to link remove back to your content. We often presume a slow website to a lack of credibility and unprofessional, which will hurt your brand in the long run!!

There are several web page load speed testers online, where you can easily test the load speed of your website/ web pages. 


I hope you enjoyed the post and understood how important the website load speed is. Stay tuned for more amazing tips and information.

Kristina Barooah

I am Kristina Barooah, currently a Computer Science Engineering(CSE) student of Lovely Professional University. I an experienced technical content creator. I write on the trending technologies and their appropriate usage including AWS services, several programming languages like Python, R, JavaScript, and their appropriate usage. Also, operations on network security and operating systems. I have recently worked with RackUp, an international digital marketing company as a Technical writer intern also I have written several tech blogs on AWS services on Medium for the Students wing of Amazon Web Services. In addition to this, I have worked with numerous Student organizations of some reputed companies including Google and Amazon Web Services. I have also, been awarded twice for my excellence in English proficiency. As a Computer Science Engineering student, I am keenly interested in BigData, Machine Learning (ML), Cloud Building, Artificial Intelligence(AI) to name a few. You can check my profile on linked, the URL is linked below.

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