Custom Web Development and Why Does Your Company Need it?

A custom web application, the bulk of which is hosted on a remote server, and the user interface (UI) are displayed in the browser as web pages.

To launch the web application, the user does not need to install any additional programs; it runs on any device with a browser and access to the Internet.

The work of the client does not depend on the operating system on the user’s computer, therefore, when developing web applications, there is no need to write separate versions for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other operating systems.

To create the server side of web applications, programming languages such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, C / C ++, Java, Python, Ruby, NodeJS are used.

To implement the client side, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax are used.

custom web development

Great Advantages of Custom Web Application Development

Access From Any Device

The custom web application development can be used anywhere in the world from a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet.


Custom web application development runs on all platforms and eliminate the need to develop an app separately for Android and iOS.


If native applications require specific operating systems, then any operating system (Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.) and any browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox, Google Chrome, etc.) are suitable for working with a web application).

Lack of Client Software

Cheaper and easier to install, maintain, and upgrade the client interface. Updating to the latest version occurs the next time the page is loaded.

Network Security

The web system has a single entry point, which can be protected and configured from a centralized location.


As the load on the system grows, it is not necessary to increase the capacity of client sites. A web application allows you to process a larger amount of data, as a rule, only with the help of hardware resources, without rewriting the code and changing the architecture.

Data Loss Prevention

User data is stored in the “cloud”, for the integrity of which hosting providers are responsible, and are protected from loss in case of damage to the hard disk of the computer.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Developing Custom Web Applications?

Everything will depend on the situation, sometimes it is really easier to modify the existing accounting system. And sometimes it is more correct, although it may be more expensive, - to take the functionality out of the framework of the existing system.

Why do you Need a Web Portal for your Company?

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Depending on the tasks facing the business, you can order the development of the required web service.

Multifunctional web service that allows you to conveniently and effectively optimize business processes.

Tasks to be solved:

  • Improving the quality of work with clients;
  • Improving employee performance;
  • Strengthening and improving communication between divisions of the company;
  • Convenient and effective communication with contractors;
  • Increased employee mobility;
  • Remote work with documents;
  • Conducting PR events of varying degrees of complexity.


A powerful tool from swift development services for automating customer relationships, effectively solving the problem of successful control, planning, and development of any customer-oriented business.

Tasks to be solved:

  • Integrity and safety of the customer base;
  • Getting sales analytics;
  • Increase in sales;
  • Effective optimization of staff work;
  • Reducing paperwork.


The development of an ERP system is necessary for large enterprises of all forms of ownership to open up new business opportunities.

Tasks to be solved:

  • Standardization of reporting forms and information systems;
  • Improving communication between departments;
  • Control and synchronization of processes;
  • Integration with counterparties.

Electronic Commerce Systems

Thanks to e-commerce, manufacturers and suppliers of services / goods can offer products online to potential buyers, receive and process orders, manage the status of applications, etc.

Tasks to be solved:

  • Obtaining detailed information about the requests of each individual consumer;
  • Rapid launch of a new product on the market;
  • Reducing transaction costs;
  • Shortening the path of goods to consumers.

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