Pokecord Credits Guide - Tips for Beginners, Catch More Pokemon

Hello pokecord users, well I know that you are all excited to know  about the pokecord credits and the fastest way to level up on your favourite pokemons. So here is an article of your interest, read this full article to find which commands are used!!

Topics included in this article:

  • What is actually Pokecord?
  • How to start in Pokecord?
  • Want to Catch Pokemon, but how?
  • Spawning your Pokemon
  • Tips to catch Pokemon
  • Level your Pokemon
  • Favorite Pokemons
  • How to get Pokecord Credits?

What is Actually Pokecord?

Are you new to pokecord and wondering what it is all about? 

If so, don’t worry you are in the correct place, this article will give you a clear-cut knowledge on it, along with the commands. The pokecord actually is an interactive and extensive bot of discord which allows its users to collect, battle, trade the Pokemons and much more, using a command interface. It is interesting to know that, the collection of pokemons made by the user remains the same, even when they change the server, provided it has the Pokecord bot installed on it. The collection basically, follows the user.

How to Start in Pokecord?

The very first thing you need to do is, have a Discord account as the Discord server has the bot installed on it. You might see “Pokecord BOT” in the  list of members on the server. Now, the important thing about it is that a lot of command are used in pokecord to play the game. The most common commands used to get started with pokecord are:

  • p!start – this command is used to enter the game and  you will be able to pick your starter pokemon. This also helps you start catching the pokemoms.
  • p!pick – After executing the starter command, you will have to select a pokemon, in that case use this command. A variety of options to choose from generations is available.
  • p!help – this command is used to get more information, you need to enter this command in a Pokecord supported Discord channel.

Now that you have got started with the game, you can try other commands as well. 

p!detailed-   this command is used to show more information about your Pokemon 

While the other similar commands includes “p!pokemon” and “p!info”. One of the most popular command is: 

 “p!order IV”- this command is used to order your Pokemon by the highest IV, it is useful for choosing which ones to level up and battle with.

Want to Catch Pokemon, But How?

The most useful command to catch the pokemon is:

 p!catch <Pokemon Name> – This command is used to catch a Pokemon when it appears in front and you’ll have to guess its correct name.  Here, <Pokemon Name> is where you have to type the name of the Pokemon (that has recently spawned). For this, you will need to guess the names of the Pokemon by merely looking at its image.

Howerer, one good thing is that you can use the “p!hint” command. This command give a very quick and short information about the spawned Pokemon

Spawning Your Pokemon

Do you wanna catch latest and more powerful pokemons but couldn’t find it? Wait lemme tell you a secret. Actually, the spawns of the pokemons depend on the messages in the server. Yes, exactly  the number of pokemons spawning is directly proportional to the crowd of the active users in the server. Thus, the user playing on a small server, will witness that the Pokemons spawn rarely as compared to that in a larger server. So, if you area hardcore, pokemon lover and wanna get the pokemons of your choice, just head to the official Pokecord server and catch them all!

Tips to Catch Pokemon

We all know that the most exciting part of the game is to catch the pokemon, and it is even more fun if you can get hold of your desired ones. Following are some tips, you shall know to increase your catches!! 

  1. The competition to catch the pokemons is really of another level. All the players, are eagerly waiting to catch them almost all the time!! So, to get ahead in this competition, i’ll suggest you to keep your “p!catch” command handy, I mean either keep it typed already or simply keep it copied to paste it  and capture the pokemon at its first sight. 
  2. I’ll suggest you to play on a PC/ laptop using the keyboard as it’s always a faster way to type rather than on a mobile phone/ table (unless one has really fast typing speed on mobile).
  3. The biggest issues, is when it comes to finding the hidden pokemon, anyway i also got the solution to this, just read on!!
  •  Make google your best friend. Googling, image of the Pokemon shown in Discord by right clicking it can actually help you find out the unknown pokemon.
  • And alternative to the image search is description search. Put the description of the Pokemon in the Google search bar and press enter, you’ll get the name of the pokemon you have been looking for.
  • You can also consult the people in the channel, on the official Pokecord server. However, it is time consuming and you may even loss the pokemon meanwhile!!

Level Your Pokemon

To level up your desired pokemon, the first most thing you need to do is select it.  To select a Pokemon in order to level up type the command: p!pokemon -name <Pokemon Name>

Again, use the command p!select <Pokemon Number> in order to find the particular Pokemon’s number. Furthermore, the level of a particular pokemon can also be checked by using the command: p!info. However, the only efficient way to level up the Pokemon by chatting with the other pokecord users in a Pokecord server or you can also purchase Rare Candy from the Shop. As told earlier in this article, more the messages you send, higher will your Pokemon level up. 

Favorite Pokemons

Pokecord provides a space to keep your favourite pokemons in a one place so that you can have an easy access to them for trading, dueling, or leveling. It also helps the players to bunch up their other pokemons. Now, you must be wondering, which command to used to separate out your favourite ones. Use the p!fav command. 

p!favadd <Pokemon Number>- This command is used to add Pokemon to your list.

How to Get Pokecord Credits?

I have been keeping the most demanded topic suspended so far. Finally, it is time to talk about the credits. Credits are basically the currency that allows the Pokecord players to purchase items from the Shop or Pokemon from the Market. The credits usually take a bit longer to accumulate. However, following are a few tips you can get time sooner: 

  1. You can get upto 250 credits per 12 hours, by simply using the p!daily command. Yes, you heard it right, all you need to is simply click the link that pops up after you use the command and vote for the bot.However, You need to have your account on discordbots.org for that.
  1. One of the easiest way, to get credits is by donating to the bot. 

p!donate- This command is used to get you 250 credits and later also redeem for every dollar (USD) you donate.

p!redeem <Pokemon Name>”- This command used to redeem any Pokemon you want.

 The redeem is actually the more valuable donate and redeem. Because, this new pokemon can be sold to other players by offering it to them for a certain amount of credits, thus trading the Pokemon to them once you’ve redeemed it. However, you’ll need to have a buyer.

  1. Here is another amazing way, to get upto 15,000 credits straight from the bot itself, just use the “p!redeem credits” command.
  1. One of the best way is battling! Yes you’ll get credits when you win, while dueling Pokemon against others. However, the credits are very less ranging only 6-20 per battle.
  1. Another, easy way is to sell Pokemon on the market. Simply label a lesser amount and successfully you’ll get your pokemon sold out.

Thanks for reading the article, hope it was useful as well as entertaining. Well, if you have not yet joined pokecord hurry up join it I assure you, you’ll definitely enjoy it. Keep coming to our site for more such updates.  

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