Get Your Spotify No Ads Premium Free APK, Today!!

Hello, Spotifires, well I know that you are all excited to know about how to have access to premium-free Spotify no ads APK? Enjoy your favourite songs and podcasts with no ads all your weekend. So here is an article of your interest, read this full article to find that most desired hacks along with some tips on how to use it!!

Topics included in this article:

  • Most common hacks to get free Spotify premium 
  • Features of  Spotify Premium Mod APK
  •  Is it safe or not?
  • How to Install Spotify no ads apk on Android?

Are you the one who has got an amazing taste in music and prefers high-level sound quality? If so I’m pretty sure you must be a Spotifier!!! Spotify is an amazing audio streaming and media services provider who understands your requirement for high-quality music. It is actually Swedish-based and was launched back in October 2008. This amazing audio streaming software is owned by company Spotify Technology S.A., which has recently become one of the most widely used platforms. It allows you to listen to millions of soundtracks and podcasts. In addition to this, it also allows you to create your own personalized playlists of music and podcasts and share it with your friends/family. Plus, one of the finest features of Spotify is that it syncs your music across all of your devices which means, you can log in to your single account from several devices, be it your Android mobile phone, iOS, Windows, or Mac device. 

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Now, the only thing that most users desires for is a free premium account. Wait for that let me first tell you that, Spotify actually offers two account types:

Spotify Free: The first type can be accessed by anyone and everyone. So the simplest way to get Spotify free is simply signup using your email address. However, it does not provide you with premium features. In this type, you’ll have only a limited shuffle play, few skips, and full of audio/video advertisements. I guess this isn’t really what you want!!

Spotify Premium: The second type although is not accessible  by all. You need to be a premium member to have access to it. In this mode, there are a lot of advantages although it is the paid subscription, here you can download unlimited songs to listen offline, shuffle play your songs, skip as many songs as you want to, also it is ad free.

Again in the Spotify premium, it offers three different paid plans: Individual, Family and Student.

It’s starting from the lowest at $4.99 per month which is for the Student plan and going to the highest as $14.99 per month which is for Family plan (this supports six premium accounts altogether).

However, paid subscriptions ain’t of everyones type and for such users only this article is. So go on read it full! 

Most Common Hacks

Here, I’ll be discussing 3 most common hacks to get free premium Spotify: 

  1. Try 90-days Premium Trial, however you’ll need to have multiple accounts for that. All you gotta do is simply, create your spotify account as told earlier, opt for 3 months free trial which can be cancelled at any time.  

In this case, you’ll have the burden of creating a new account after every 90 days. 

  1. The second hack is you can join one of your friend’s Spotify Family Account. Actually  spotify provides, 3 different types of paid premium  plans: Individual, Family and Student. So as we already know that the family plan allows, six premium accounts altogether at just $14.99 per month. So, all you gotta do is access one of them. Or, at the worst, find 6 people interested in premium, subscribe it and pay the divided the sum. 
  1. Last but not the least, get your Spotify Premium mod cracked APK installed on your android phones. 

Features of  spotify Premium Mod APK

 So, finally here it is!! The mok apk. So basically all the features of Spotify premium mod apk is exactly the same, as the Official Premium Spotify App with just the slightest difference that the mod apk is a cracked free version of Spotify while the  Official Premium Spotify App is a paid one. I shall be listing below some of the features of the Spotify premium mod apk, for your android devices.

  • App Name: Spotify
  • App Developer: Spotify Ltd. 
  • App Category: mobile application
  • Size:  23.94 MB 
  • Site Name: spotify.com.music 
  • Version: 8.5.7 1.72 3
  • Price: Nil
  • Released Date:  26 Aug 2020 
  • Available: Online,worldwide
  •  Security: No frauds
  • Link: https://bestforandroid.com/apk/spotify-premium-mod-apk/
  • Software Requirements: Spotify account, internet connectivity to stream musics

Is it Safe or Not?


Trust me readers on this, the spotify no ads mod apk  is totally secured. However, it’s your duty to recheck the site you are downloading your apk files from. The link I’ll be providing completely secured.

How to Install Spotify No Ads APK on Android?

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Here is how you can do this on your Android:

  1. First of all, you need to uninstall the original Spotify app from your android device. (if got already)
  1. Click on the link below to download the creaked Spotify version.

Link: https://bestforandroid.com/apk/spotify-premium-mod-apk/

  1. The downloaded apk file will be a compressed zip file, so you need to extract/unzip the file to access the actual apk.
  1. Now, Install the software for by opening the apk file. Fot this you will have to allow installation from unknown sources permission on your android device.
  1. Once installed successfully, try opening the app, Put your account credentials, and click login.

I hope, you are able to successfully access and enjoy your free spotify no ads apk on Android. Keep following our blog/ site for more such hacks and free accesses.

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