Why Video Is the Hottest Marketing Growth Hack Right Now

Who better than the head of Instagram, Mr. Adam Mosseri, can explain the importance of videos for businesses. He said in an interview that videos are “driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms.” Video is becoming an integral part of the business that serves social media users. In the coming days, videos will become an inseparable part of the digital marketing bucket of a company with the highest potential of generating leads. Hence, to save your hard-earned dollars on gewgaw strategies and expensive advertisements, videos are the hotsy-totsy tool for you. 

If you have not included videos in your marketing strategies, we recommend doing it right away for the following reasons. 

High exposure and engagement:

Exposure and engagement go hand in hand. Every social media user would second the fact that every time they start to scroll on any social media platform, there comes a video within the first 10 seconds. And once they start to watch videos, they find themselves stuck in that loop of watching videos. If that does not prove to you the power of video, we do not know what will. 

Brands that use videos to attract customers never get disappointed by the results. Especially brands with social media presence would never deny the fact that videos capture the attention of customers smoothly and for a longer duration. 

Consistency across various social media platforms

If anything is omnipresent after God, it is the presence of video sharing options across the most popular social media presence. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and not to forget YouTube. Hence, the efforts and money spent on creating a video for one specific platform will not be fruitful. Instead, you can use it consistently on all social media platforms. The statistics tell no different story. In 2019, an average user spent around 6 hours every week watching videos on various social media platforms. 

With video sharing features present on every platform, customers now expect their favourite brands to create and deliver engaging video content. This trend has doubled ever since Instagram launched reels, and various influencers started using it to promote brands entertainingly. 

Longer lifespan of a video:

No other form of media can beat videos in the race of sticking up in customers’ minds and social media feeds. A substantial contributing factor that increases the lifespan of a video is the algorithm of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, which personalise the feed of a user as per their online behaviour. A beautiful example can be the ‘for you’ section on TikTok. 

The count of social media users is increasing every passing minute, and so is the change in their online behaviour. That ultimately generates more interactions and engagement via the like, share, and comment features. 

Loved by GenZ audience:

The generation of youngsters is called GenZ. And this generation has grown up with smartphones and internet connections, which means they are more accustomed to using social media and video streaming platforms. In fact, in one of the recent surveys, the majority of millennials stated they could not imagine their life without watching videos. We can presume this to be the reason behind TikTok’s increased popularity and skyrocketing market share. Also, many of the viral TikTok stars belong to this particular age demographic. Video content is a million-dollar opportunity for brands that appeal to a younger audience. 

Video is the content that is demanded, loved, and enjoyed by the audience that falls under the millennials group. 

Pro Tip:

A lengthy video is disdained by the audience and also social media algorithms. Hence, to avoid such things, it is recommended to use a suitable online video trimmer to de-clutter the flaws in the raw footage which will  enhance the quality and maintain the flow of the video and trim certain parts of the video that your audience may find unnecessary. A video that has been edited smartly multiplies the chance of connecting with the targeted audience and engaging with them effectively compared to other videos.

Video communicates a brand’s personality:

Video content is a great tool to communicate your brand’s values to your audience. It humanises your brand and establishes an emotional connection with the audience to build and flourish your brand personality in front of your customers. 

A video stays in the viewer’s mind for a longer time, serves as a reminder about a brand’s existence, and makes it easier for brands to showcase their vision and mission to the audience entertainingly. 

During the COVID period, brands used videos to communicate to the audience that we are in this together by showing empathy and respect towards covid warriors. This strategy helped brands be a helping hand for the nation in times of turbulence and constructed their positive image. 

As videos are more static, have a higher recall value, and are an effective way to establish an emotional connection with the audience, video content has also proven effective in advertising products. 

Video as a sales tool:

Every marketing strategy ends at one common end; sales, and so do videos. A picture can say a thousand words. Considering that, it will not be wrong to mention that a video can tell no less than a million words. 

A brand can make the most out of videos in its pursuit of communicating a clear and crispy message to its audience. That is why video content is the best sales tool a brand has. 

Every aspect of a great video contributes to increased sales. Whether it is recall value, high exposure and engagement rate, or longer lifespan, it all points to one of the most desirable benefits of video; increased sales. This point can be supported by the fact that 93% of marketers admit that video content has helped them land a new customer.

The closing thought:

A video is a tool that can showcase products dynamically and add valuable context to communicate a message. It can not be achieved otherwise with a picture and lengthy caption on social media sites. Video content strategy does not always have to be overwhelming and high budget. It can be simple and authentic yet can serve you the best returns. 

If you are not creating videos to market your brand yet, it is not too late. But, it is better to do it right away. So bring your team together, hunt for new ideas, get one suitable online video editor, and take a step towards overperforming your competitors using videos. 

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