How QR Codes Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy


QR codes are also known as barcodes. These codes contain URLs or other information like account information, coupons and so much more. These barcodes can be read by the camera on iPhone or Android.

QR codes can be seen on a number of things including business cards, packaging of different gadgets, billboards, online advertisements etc.  Barcode is a square or rectangular box with black parallel lines containing white space depending on the space. Product manufacturing data, expiry date, origin and price information is included in the barcode.  There are two general classes of barcodes. One dimensional also known as ID code stores less data and is commonly used on groceries, stationery and electronics. On the other hand, two dimensional (2D) barcode is used for storing a large amount of data. 2D barcode is used mostly on medical equipment.

Creation of the QR code

The QR code was first developed in Japan for Denso Wave Company. This automobile company made this code for tracking automobiles and their parts. It wasn’t at all expected by the developers of its worldwide use by the general public.

QR code marketing strategy

Quick response codes can prove to be a lot helpful in the field of marketing as they are fast in nature and easily assessable.

Direct linkage

Troubling through web pages can be a hard thing but through QR code it has become a lot easier. By clicking on the code the website or link can be approached directly.

Customer hygiene: The first priority

Paper menu cards are no longer need to be accessed in restaurants. It means that there will be germ no transmission. Barcode has replaced the paper making it easily accessible on phone. After this huge pandemic situation, worldwide QR codes have become very famous especially in restaurants and hotels.

Spreading information quickly

Giving out business information took a lot of time and space. To get it done in a limited time and through fewer resources, quick response codes are in great demand.

Calling and sending emails

QR code has made life so easier that even calling or sending messages can be done in just one go. By scanning the QR code the user can directly call without the hassle of finding the number. The user can also give access to his email on multiple platforms anywhere anytime.

No space restriction

Limited space has always been an issue but QR codes have solved this problem as well. Putting in the information for thousands of products has become easier than it seems to be.

Quality interaction with the customers

Customer interaction with the company has become stronger and easier. The comment section, surveys, customer support can be easily viewed and handled.

Locating location

Manually putting in the address took so long and was a bit of a headache. The quick response code can give quick access to the map and location easily.

Affordable and flexible

QR codes don’t need any space which makes it quite affordable. It also doesn’t have any specific paper which makes it very cheap for the companies. It’s always easier to make amendments in soft copy. Through bar-coding information can be up-to-date.

Maintenance of the machinery

Scanning the specific QR code made by the company enables the user to operate and check the availability of the items on the phone screen. Checking out the troubleshoot problems or manufacturing of the product can only be operated by the related staff. Medical instruments and machines are also maintained and checked upon through QR codes.

Teacher’s helper

Maintaining student recording and updating their work has become a lot easier for the teachers. They only have to publish it online and encode the URL with a QR code.  Disturbing the code is a lot easier than all the files and folders.

Discounts and promos

Many brands and restaurants give out special discounts to its customer with the usage of QR codes. It not only helps the customers by easy access but hence increases its usage.

Instant contact-less money transfer

QR code has given an opportunity to transfer money instantly by just scanning the code. It has become more popular in times of the pandemic situation worldwide.


QR code helps in the measurement of the marketing campaigns as actions can be traceable.

Key points for QR code

A QR code should be able to direct the user to the targeted content. Context and content should be kept in mind while placing the code. Adding on special information of what to aspect from the QR code becomes highly helpful for the users. As the WebPages are more likely to e opened from the phone a mobile-friendly landing should be kept in mind. A tracking and reporting system should also be placed in the QR code.

Creative ways of using QR codes

QR codes placed on stations can be helpful in checking out the current location of the bus, train or subway. Companies put the code on their business cards and product packaging. It enables the customers to check the information quickly and easily. QR code used next to paintings and sculptures enables the visitors to view the related information easily. Barcodes used in shopping centres can give quick access to the ingredients and recipe. Managing the event which includes e-tickets, travel directions and much more can be easily handled by QR code. Device manuals are becoming paperless as the companies get manual PDFs stored in the cloud and convert the URL to a QR code. Subscribing through emails and registration is only just one scan away. Barcodes are also playing a huge role in environmental safety as well. Reviewing menus digitally has a dedicated wastage of paper. Even wasting paper on advertisements has lessened and just a little bar code can view so much information.

QR code has taken over nearly everything.  Industries, healthcare, restaurants, social media and many others are using this code. It has proved beneficial not only in marketing but also in saving the earth.

Arooba Naqvi

My name is Arooba Naqvi and I have recently completed my bachelor in English language and literature. During my bachelor, I learned the importance of society and interaction with it. History of the English language has made me to understand the significances and power of language when dealing with people belonging to different mindsets. I also appeared in IELTS and have participated in numerous debate competitions. Reading novels and writing stories has always been my favorite thing to do and I am looking forward to pursuing my story writing on a higher level. Additionally, I was also the brand ambassador during my college days, and as it was all about interaction with people of diverged age groups, it proved to enhance my confidence. Studying Computers in my matriculation and IT in my BS English degree has helped me a lot especially with this growing need of the digital era. I realized the real importance of the digital world during the critical times when the entire world was facing a strict lockdown. Even newspapers and magazines have taken part in the electronic media not only becoming easier for the readers but also playing a big role in saving Earth.

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