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Marketing Trends to Know About: The Metaverse & NFTs

Every product that a company makes has to be advertised in order to get sold. Advertising or selling of a product planned by the company is known as marketing.

Marketing strategies from the very beginning:

Marketing is one the oldest things starting centuries ago and still going on but with a lot of development in it. People before the creation of social media had to adopt ways that made little difference as it was not on a larger scale and was hence transmitted to a very little audience.

Advertisement through paper was seen on a larger scale as people used newspapers and flyers to promote their products or services. Many of them used to adopt individual marketing strategies or tried it through entertainment for example sign spinners using their interesting acts to attract people towards themselves. Even direct mail was used to interact with the customers.

Social Media- A new kick in Marketing

Social media marketing commonly known as SMM was introduced after the invention of the internet. It proved to not only rapidly make new clients but also maintain a strong bond with the older ones as well. Within a second it became possible to advertise anything with an uncountable amount of customers worldwide. As social media moved on and became more advanced a new term came into being known as the Metaverse.

Metaverse was first launched through games as it’s all about interacting with a computer-generated environment known as the digital world for communicating with one and other. The concept of virtual world interaction grew stronger during the difficult pandemic time affecting the whole world.


Metaverse has taken advertisement to the next level especially when related to billboards and product placement. People usually get attracted by video games and virtual elements so involving these features while selling products is a big deal in digital marketing.

Virtual element in events and concerts

Digital space has taken more than just selling goods as it is now being used by event planners as well. Numerous events and concerts have been organized in metaverse which is again proving to be a huge profit for the organizations.


Buying products online has been a hard hit for the marketing company and now virtual shopping is in high demand. It is also been said that in upcoming years a virtual assistant will be introduced which will help in selecting size also known as a virtual model.


The virtual world has taken over meetings as well and avatars are talking over humans in order to represent them. Zoom is one of the best examples but the future will be more advanced.


NFT is known as a non-fungible token which means it has got its special identity and it can be differentiated from many other identical things. It is slowly taking all over the media and people are actually using it as marketing.  Jack Dorsey- the CEO of Twitter sold his first tweet as an NFT for over $2.9 million. It is not only just about Twitter but many brands all around the world are adopting it and using it for their fame.

Metaverse and NFTS

Metaverse is all about the digital world and NFTS is a bridge to metaverse which proves to be facilitating identity, communication and social experience in the digital world.

Way of earning

Games are in high demand and it is not just playing games it’s also a way of earning. A digital game with NFTS involved makes it possible for players to own the characters or even the whole game. There are in-world rewards as well mystery boxes that you can own by buying them through NFTS and with this sale and purchase goes on. Such games include Axie Infinite (AXS), My Neighbor Alice (Alice) and many others.

Building a community

As the digital world is expanding and so is the demand and to fulfil that avatars are being introduced that represents a person, community or even a whole organization. Here the NFTS avatars become very helpful not only with tokens while having sales and purchases but also for communicating between societies as real-life identities. The most vibrant examples are Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

Dealing and purchasing

Dealing and purchasing has been a long time thing on the internet but after the expansion in the digital world you can sale purchase even properties and through non-fungible tokens, it is easier to buy virtual designs as well.

Popular brands already signed in for NFTS

Nike has launched its digital version of shoes and its partnership with NFTS makes it possible to use their shoes in many ways digitally.

Food chains

Food chains including Taco Bell and Coca-Cola have introduced certain specialities on NFTS which proved to be kicking in and is very profitable for charity organizations.

Shopify has already started to work on non-fungible tokens as now the customers can directly sell their digital art. In this process, there will be no third party involved and this is the main motive of NFTS.

Gucci has launched its NFTS as well and its virtual products for example bags are more expensive than physical ones. It has also collaborated with Roblox which is expanding its virtual demand as well.

Though metaverse is still in the early stages and NFTS is something that many people don’t know as yet but the future is going to be all about it.

Arooba Naqvi

My name is Arooba Naqvi and I have recently completed my bachelor in English language and literature. During my bachelor, I learned the importance of society and interaction with it. History of the English language has made me to understand the significances and power of language when dealing with people belonging to different mindsets. I also appeared in IELTS and have participated in numerous debate competitions. Reading novels and writing stories has always been my favorite thing to do and I am looking forward to pursuing my story writing on a higher level. Additionally, I was also the brand ambassador during my college days, and as it was all about interaction with people of diverged age groups, it proved to enhance my confidence. Studying Computers in my matriculation and IT in my BS English degree has helped me a lot especially with this growing need of the digital era. I realized the real importance of the digital world during the critical times when the entire world was facing a strict lockdown. Even newspapers and magazines have taken part in the electronic media not only becoming easier for the readers but also playing a big role in saving Earth.

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