Popular Marketing Research Paper Topics in 2021

Students choose different majors to become experts after they graduate from a college or university. Marketing is one of the most popular career directions and thousands of students prefer it annually. The process of education includes multiple hardships for youngsters and the accomplishment of a marketing research paper is one of them. In fact, some folks cannot even choose a good topic and look for professional assistance provided by an online research paper writing service.

Although research writing services can generate great topics for you and won’t charge any fees, you can do that yourself. All you need is to see several good examples and a deep understanding of what makes a good research paper topic. Our guide will help you with this mission. 

Relevant Research Paper Ideas on Marketing in 2021

  1. An in-depth analysis of marketing in European countries.
  2. The main differences between American and Chinese marketing policies.
  3. The major contributors to an increase in customer loyalty.
  4. Customer behavior: how to predict it?
  5. The most effective ways to reach the targeted audience.
  6. How do social media influence buying behavior?
  7. The influence of discounts on customers.
  8. Effective methods to quickly find customers.
  9. The effectiveness of personal emailing.
  10. The importance of leadership in the marketing segmentation.
  11. How to promote a startup without high risks?
  12. The role of marketers in the development of enterprises.
  13. The perspectives of e-commerce.
  14. How does Black Friday help to earn money?
  15. Effects of gender on buying decisions.
  16. The most effective advertising methods.
  17. Can blogging boost sales of an enterprise?
  18. The main drawbacks in US marketing.
  19. How are education and marketing related to each other?
  20. Telemarketing and its value for sales.

These are interesting and currently relevant topics to cover in 2021. You may use any of them or generate your list of topic ideas using our suggestions. After you complete this important stage, you may get busy with researching, outlining, and writing your marketing research paper.

What Makes a Good Topic?

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Even if a person has good topic examples, it may be insufficient to generate the concepts of his/her own design. Therefore, it’s utterly important to understand the main components of a relevant topic. The main attributes of a great topic are:

  • Relevance;
  • Importance;
  • Uniqueness;
  • Meaningfulness;
  • Usefulness;
  • A solution to a problem.

When you select a topic, make sure it’s interesting for your audience. Try to understand what your potential readers want to read in your research paper. However, you should be interested in the topic as well. If you lack enthusiasm, your paper may be pretty “raw” and boring.

It’s likewise important to be sure you have enough information about the chosen problem you study. Oftentimes, the ideas that seemed to be brilliant and captivating had to be reworked due to the lack of evidence. Therefore, give close heed to the searching for information.

Tips to Write a Good Marketing Research Paper

As we discuss relevant topics for writing a research paper or research report in marketing, it’s necessary to talk about this particular academic assignment. It collects relevant facts about the studied issue and reviews it from different angles. The analysis combines qualitative and quantitative evidence. By using the approved facts, a researcher draws conclusions, implements a thesis statement, explains and defends the main argument, etc.

Tip #1: Research it. After you choose the topic, make sure you have enough evidence to disclose it properly. Find only credible data. You may use such information resources as:

  • CQ Researcher OpenAthens Login
  • Google News
  • Article & News Databases
  • Gale eBooks

They are trustworthy and cover different spheres of human activity, including marketing. They provide current news. Besides, you may learn from the headlines to understand how to create good topics.

Tip #2: Create an Outline. Your next step is to refine the notes and create a reasonable outline. It will help to organize your writing and control the checkpoints. You should create an outline using the evidence you’ve managed to receive regarding its relevance and the places you want to implement examples. Set strict deadlines, tasks, and instructions. Thus, you’ll always know what must be fulfilled, how, and when. Of course, your outline should include:

  • Introduction;
  • Thesis statement;
  • Main plot;
  • Conclusion;
  • References.

We guess you definitely know the main purpose of every section.

Tip #3: Draft. The wisest folks always write several copies before they submit the final variant. Write at least two drafts and analyze them. The first draft may be quite messy. Write down all the concepts you intend to highlight. The second draft should be more logical and accurate. Link the concepts to each other to make the story reasonable. It’s a good method to define weak points in your research paper.

Tip #4: Revise and improve. The final clever tip is to edit and proofread your marketing project. Do that twice or thrice. Check all the numbers, evidence, grammar issues, plagiarism, and similar stuff. Revise your project in different ways to make sure no mistake has escaped your attention.

You’re welcome to use our list of suggestions or craft similar ideas. They will help to have a good start with your research paper. It may be an important step to writing a flawless piece and receiving the highest grades.

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