How Machine Learning is Allowing Thousands of Students to Sit Exams at Home

“Machine learning will automate jobs that most people thought could only be done by people.” said Dave Waters. As time advances so does technology, nevertheless the year of pandemic gives an unprecedented push to the digital lifestyle. After all it has made several technologies especially those of the AIs and MLs, and digital marketing strategies flourish like never before. 

     You must be curious to know about what actually is this Machine Learning or most popularly known as ML. This post contains a lot of information regarding the same so read it all to find out what is ML and how it will help you to advance your career. 

This post includes the following:

  • What is ML?
  • Its role in our lives
  • Used as technology for fair Exams Conduction
  • Future of ML  

What is ML?

So often have you heard the term “Machine learning” in recent times. But what does it actually mean? A lot of people actually have a misconception about machine learning that it is possibly learning the machine codes by us i.e. the human. However lemme clear you on this that machine learning isn’t that. Machine Learning is actually a method of analysing the data, wherein computer algorithms are used. This helps speedily process the vast amounts of data, in order to make predictions, identify patterns and replicate actions which we humans do in their day-to-day jobs.

In simple words, machine learning can be defined as an advanced form of artificial intelligence and that machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence.

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Its Role in Our Lives

Surprisingly we use machine learning quite often in a day however most often we aren’t even aware of it. I’ll be listing a few areas where we use machine learning every day

  1. Communication Estimation- let us take the example of G-maps. So often we use it in a day but the reality is that G-maps use machine learning technology. Google Maps uses the location data from our smartphones to inspect the agility of shifting traffic at any time. This helps the G-map to organize user-reported traffic like construction, traffic, and accidents; thus by accessing the relevant data and appropriate fed algorithms of machine learning, Google Maps can indicate the fastest route to reach out to our destination. 
  2. Classifying the Email- Gmail with the use of machine learning algorithms can categorize  emails into groups like Primary, Promotions, Social, and Update. It also labels the email as important.
  3. Use in Banking and Finance- handling huge amounts of sensitive financial data is  most often cumbersome so the banking companies have begun to deploy AI-based systems which are designed to learn what type of transactions are fraudulent and check them out. Companies are using neural networks, a part of the machine learning technology to determine fraudulent transactions considering the factors like the latest frequency of transactions, transaction size and type of retailer included. Thus work in a safe and secured environment to ensure the customers to transact fearlessly. 

Not only these there are much more applications of machine learning in our day-to-day life which leads ML to be of more use in present times such as checking Plagiarism, Personal digital assistants, Decisions on Credit,  Spam Filtering etc. 

Used as Technology for Fair Exams Conduction

The use of machine learning has even made the conduction of exams by a fair means. Actually, the examining software uses technology of machine learning (ML), to detect patterns of the user ie. the human behaviour which could indicate attempts to cheat. It also includes face recognition which easily detects any movement of your face away from the screen. Its technology can also  check each exam-sitter’s identity using the webcam, to ensure that no-one else is sitting the test for them. In addition, it automatically marks multiple-choice answers and mathematics exams.  The examination programs using ML also temporarily restricts access to the internet, or certain websites and applications on each person’s computer, preventing the chances of cheating. This form of examination with the technology being used is expected to do work far more quickly and accurately than humans, such as marking exam papers, detecting use of any unfair means etc.

 One such example of the increased use of ML with respect to this form of testing is  Better Examinations which uses ML. 

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Future of ML

The use of ML is expected to grow more and more over the upcoming four years and as estimated the global economic value is expected to rise from $7.3bn (£5.7bn) this current year, to $30.6bn in the year 2024, according to one study. So, if you are interested in technologies and math and wanna work with data analysis stuff machine learning is just the correct spot for you, don’t keep waiting to start today!! 

Hope you enjoyed reading the post and it was informative. Stay connected to get more knowledge on the world around us. 

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