Tips for Increasing Your Writing Productivity

If you have a big and long-term writing project, you must know that you would need a proper routine and set of tips that would help you increase your productivity. 

Here we would like you guys to know that time is money, and if you cannot manage your time, no matter how hard you try, you cannot be successful in your job, whether in-house or freelance. 

Today we have listed the most important tips and tools to increase your writing productivity quite effectively. If you are starting a new writing project or want your current project’s workflow, these tips will help you a lot. 

Fantastic Tips for Increasing Productivity

You would find hundreds of tips and suggestions on the web for increasing your work productivity, but sadly, not all those tips would help you. Rather some of them would waste your time. For this reason, we have handpicked the expert suggestions for you in this section.

  1. Explore new grounds!

As a writer, you might get easy and friendly with one content structure, especially when working with the same client for a long time. This can create some problems, especially if you are telling the same story repeatedly. So, the first tip we would give you is to practice different drafts and not rely on one for a long time. This would surely be difficult for you if you are going with the same structure for months, but if you follow this tip initially, you can manage the project like a pro.

  1. Commit to a consistent schedule!

This is an especially important tip if you want to increase your work productivity. You must make sure that you are writing daily and not on alternate ones. You must set a proper schedule which then you would follow religiously to ensure success and positive results. We would suggest you set your work hours somewhere between 7 AM and 7 PM. This timeframe should be your regular bracket for writing, and here you must know that you must make time for your work rather than finding time for it.

  1. Fully utilize your work hours!

When you have set the work hours, you must make sure that you utilize them completely and are not wasting them in watching movies or listening to songs. You must take advantage of every minute you are spending in the working hours. You can set a proper task routine that would include the research of work, ideation, writing, editing, and proofreading/ plagiarism checking!

  1. Set your priorities!

If your work is not your priority, we regret to inform you that you will not be successful. You must set a proper time for writing. If you are spending three hours watching a movie, ten hours sleeping, two hours dining, five hours playing games, and putting writing at the end, you surely will not be able to increase your productivity. You must make sure that your writing job is your priority if you commit to it full time. You have to cut time and set priority for the writing tasks.

  1. Set a good minute to word ratio!

This tip is going to increase your productivity like insane, especially if you start practicing it religiously. We want you guys to know that counting minutes and words separately will not do you any good. You must set proper goals when you are writing content. For instance, you must make your goal to write at least fifty words in one minute. You can also start from a low word count per minute, and a higher one as it all depends on your current pace. Once you test your writing capacity per minute, you must try and improve it every turning day!

  1. Write content after setting a proper structure!

Content that has no structure and outline can be exceedingly difficult to write and this is why we would tip you to set the outline before you start writing. In this way, you would easily know what to write and where to write in the post. You can set headings, subheadings, and bullet points that you have to add to the article. This would increase your writing speed and productivity by more than 10%.

Pro Tip: Use a Plagiarism Checker!

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Most writers check plagiarism in their work by manually comparing it with the results of the search engines. You must know that it can take up to hours to check a post in this way. It would be best to use the modern and free plagiarism checker tools like the one offered by SearchEngineReports. These kinds of plagiarism detectors can check plagiarism for every inch of duplication and get you results that would help you remove/rephrase plagiarized content.

The use of plagiarism checker tools is also important as they can help you check plagiarism, grammar issues, and word count all in one place. Using a plagiarism checker tool would increase your productivity, credibility and also save your time!

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