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Guide to Buy real TikTok likes for your newly launched channel

TikTok is the new kid on the social media platforms. Launched in 2018 only, it has seen a phenomenal rise and is considered one of the most popular apps today.  This app is popular only with the younger generation who wants to express themselves and find it user friendly.  The short duration format of TikTok videos works perfectly for youths who are restless and constantly on the move.  This app was created after the merger of two apps known as Doufin and, with features that were apt for creating videos having short content with background music.  

The rise of TikTok

Millions are using TikTok nowadays and creating their own videos. This platform has more than 800 million active users.  With contents ranging from all types such as music, dance, sports, tutorials, education, and many DIY methods that are of interest to a wide range of audiences.  The advantage of TikTok is that there is no censorship of any kind and the creators of the video content are free to use their imagination and can be creative. It is seen that with such popularity and freedom of expression, many content creators prefer to buy real TikTok likes in the beginning to increase its visibility.

How to get more likes on TikTok

One can buy TikTok likes from various service providers that deliver likes for your video in a short time.  The question is whether one should buy the likes or not for their videos. It is like any other content on other social media platforms where gaining enough views and likes for a newly uploaded video is not easy and difficult to generate enough views and likes on its own. With millions of videos uploaded on TikTok , it is seen that users have  low attention spans. The audience does not stick to one video till the end as they are restless and impatient. Only extremely good quality contact will attract them to see through till the end and probably like the video.

Buy Likes from genuine vendors

It is recommended to buy likes from legitimate sources like TikTokStorm and in small amounts so that the likes increment grows slowly and looks genuine and organic.  This will also provide the much-needed credibility to the content.  Overnight shooting up of “likes” will attract the attention of Google and put your account under watch and at the risk of being deactivated. It is seen that slowly the real people also start viewing and liking the video once they see a decent number of likes which increases their curiosity factor.

Have a mix of Organic and Inorganic growth

To increase the likes, just buying likes will not be enough if the content quality is not good enough. The acquired likes will then stagnate and no new real likes will get added. So, the basic requirement is to create quality videos. Also, to attract viewers, use relevant hashtags that are relevant to your content. Also, if there are already enough likes, the TikTok algorithm gets activated and helps the views to reach out to more people.

These approaches will help in making your video popular in a short time.

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