Using PDF DRM to Stop Editing, Copying, and Sharing of PDF files

Keeping your PDF documents safe is an essential step in keeping the contents contained secure and only available to only the right users. Given that sensitive or confidential information has been published in your PDF documents only to be viewable by authorized or permitted individuals or entities, it could wreak havoc if they were leaked or modified by an unauthorized party.

Typical PDF document security controls inherent in a PDF document such as PDF password protection can be easily broken in minutes by freely available password removal applications. So, entrusting your valuable and copyrighted information in the hands of an insecure PDF document security system may not be a wise decision.

As a systematic approach to protecting your PDF documents, you need the right, robust PDF security system to distribute PDFs securely and restrict how your permitted users can view your content. PDF Digital rights management security is the only proven document security that prevents your PDF document from being shared, copied and edited, or altered.

As a set of technological protection measures, PDF DRM stops the misuse of your digital content to prevent compromising of your information. It restricts editing, downloading, printing, distributing, sharing, saving, and more including locking PDF documents to individual user devices so they cannot be copied to other devices.

Investing in PDF DRM document protection software puts you in the driver’s seat with robust encryption and DRM controls that enable you to control your PDF files’ access and use. You can prevent even permitted users from editing the content of the document shared with them while still allowing them to make notes. Moreover, PDF DRM automatically restricts your PDF files from being transmitted and distributed without you having to set any additional controls. 

In addition, you can provide limited-time access to how your secure PDF documents are viewed at any time, revoke access, and set PDF expiry limitations. 

PDF DRM security further strengthens the content in your PDF document by applying dynamic watermarks to prints or views to identify users and their devices. PDF DRM security can also prevent screenshots and stop print screening and screen grabbers. PDF DRM security locks your protected PDF files to specific devices such as USB sticks, tablets, mobiles, or computers.

While there are infinite options out there to secure documents and data files, only PDF DRM security has been hailed as the proven and unassailable solution to prevent document sharing. It creates the right level of security to defend your PDF documents. With PDF DRM, you can ensure that users will take document security seriously. 

To know how PDF DRM security can take your productivity to the next level, let’s look at some of the many features and benefits it offers.

  • With PDF DRM security, you can choose when and how your PDF file should no longer be viewed.
  • You can expire user accounts
  • You can choose whether permitted users can view protected document offline or only if connected to the Internet.
  • You can choose whether permitted individuals or entities can view your PDF documents in a virtual or thin client environment.
  • You can select the number of views the individual or entity is permitted on each document.
  • You can enforce limited prints or stop the printing of the document.
  • You can add document retention policies or periods to render your PDF document inaccessible when its valid life is through.
  • You can track how your PDF files are being used.

Whether you are an individual or small publisher, large publisher, training organization, or need to make and distribute secure PDF documents for internal company use, PDF DRM security can meet all your document security needs.

Ensure that your PDF documents have the right PDF security with PDF DRM - apply user permissions create legally binding digital signatures and prevent your valuable or copyrighted data from being edited and altered or shared.

With PDF DRM, you get the highest level of document protection that encrypts PDF files and authorizes access based on the permitted user’s digital ID. By controlling user permissions and not using weak passwords, you can restrict the accessibility of your PDF document and eliminate authorized extraction, printing, copying, viewing, and editing of your PDF files.

PDF DRM security ensures your PDF documents are safeguarded with US strength Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to provide you with end-to-end digital document security. Keeping your digital content private and secure should be of paramount importance. PDF DRM security can give your PDF content the privacy level required with complete control of how your content is consumed.

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